I have a Christ job:


I have a Christ job:

Filled with gratitude Ms. Nakabugo Bridget from Mulago – Kampala testified for the LORD Almighty, the God of the Prophets who turned her from nobody to a “somebody.” She said that she met the servant of God Abraham Richard Bisaso in 2012 while she was still in Primary. As she kept fellowshipping and during one of the services, the Prophet under the guidance of the Holy Spirit revealed to her, “I see you pregnant, working in a local restaurant downtown and living a failure life.”

 However, the Prophet prayed for her and rebuked this failure spirit out of her. Ms. Bridget explained that with this incarnation for the Spirit of God upon her she managed to make it through to secondary school. At this point, nothing could stop her as God was her fortress.

When she completed her secondary studies and in her senior six vacation, she became so desperate to find a job; so as to keep herself busy and to earn an upkeep. This is how she landed on a job as an attendant in a casino in Kampala city. She explained that this job became more of a nightmare than a blessing as she worked amongst irresponsible people hence putting her own faith in a limbo.

As Romans 7:28 says, “and we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him…”  This came to pass after two months at this job; the casino closed down due to incompetence and soon Ms. Bridget was out of work. Like the biblical prodigal son, after losing that job, she came before the LORD seeking for what next.

By grace, she encountered Prophet Abraham Richard in May 2019; who revealed to her that, “You will get another job. God is going to connect you His job but it will not be popular.” Upon receiving that Word, it took her less than a week; she was yet again connected to another job. At this job, she is managing a business that deals in baby clothes. She is very happy and content at this new job through which Christ Jesus connected her to and not to mention she now has enough time to attend services. Indeed no one does it better and perfect like Christ Jesus; Glory be to Him.

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