I asked for a divorce,I ended up pregnant:


I asked for a divorce,I ended up pregnant:

Smiling like a new dawn and holding her one year old boy, was Ms. Nalwanga Moureen of Kabowa -Kampala. With enthuse; she too like many others testified for the God of Prophet Abraham Richard Bisaso, whose mercies are countless like sand in the sea.

She narrated that, for a long time, she always heard people around her perimeters witness the great God that worked in Prophet Abraham Richard Bisaso of; True Vine Communion Ministries For All Nations.

So she made it her full time goal to meet him in flesh so as to find the missing piece of her life puzzle. In 2016, she made it to the pool of healing, and by the Grace of God; she met the Prophet of God.

Then explained that, it was her expectations that disappointed her for the real reason why she came before God’s spokesman, was to petition God for a divorce from her fiancé with whom they had a peculiar relationship for over seven years and with two children.

Ignorantly, like many other believers; Ms. Moureen did not know that Prophets speak only what God commands them to not what humans desire. As a matter of fact, she learnt the hard way when the Prophet revealed to her; “I see a wedding.” 

Ms. Moureen recollected that, this revelation left her more down cast than she was, before meeting Prophet Abraham Richard, for a wedding was the last thing in her imagination, because what she felt for her fiancé was uncensored hatred.

A few months later, Ms. Moureen found herself pregnant. She noted that, this news brought more depression and resentment; for she never wanted to have a baby, not in such circumstances.

In fact, she became even angrier with God for what she asked for; He (God) never gave to her yet what she never asked for, God brought to her. In such loathing, she wished a fatal death for the pregnancy thus she never went for antenatal examination till it was seven months old.

On reaching the hospital, the doctors who inspected her informed her that, her unborn baby was in collateral danger for she had no enough amniotic fluid to sustain him till normal birth.

It was at this point that, Ms. Moureen realised that God was still merciful to her even when she stubbornly drifted away from Him. She noted that, she certainly would have died from these complications in her womb without her knowing but God spared her.

That instant, she admitted that, she was wrong to blame God for everything that went on in her life because all He ever wanted for her, was a good life.

After repenting, Ms. Moureen remembered that she indeed had a divine healing medium called Heavenly water that the Spirit of the Sovereign Lord had issued out to the believers.

She said, she smeared it on her tummy in faith before going back to the hospital. This time around, when the doctors re- examined her while in hospital, they told her everything was now fine and she was to have a normal delivery.

Phenomenally, God will always wrap our miracles with a wrapper of doubt. Where by, those of faith will be the only ones to unveil it, yet those that doubt will miss it.

This is exactly what the Angel of the LORD told the shepherds in Luke 2:12; “… you will find a baby wrapped in swaddling cloths and lying in a manger.”

Ms. Moureen witnessed that after the delivery of her baby boy, whom she never wanted; peace began reigning in her home. She said that, this baby came along with steadfast supply in her home.

Her elder children who always missed out on school due to lack of school fees these days, their tuition is paid in time and they are performing better in class than before.

Happily, Ms. Moureen confessed that, she really loves her baby boy so much and with this new faith she believes even the wedding will be very soon.  As of now, the first part of it which is officially introducing her fiancé to her parents (introduction ceremony)was successfully accomplished. What a merciful God we serve!

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