” I am sending you to the lost sheep.”


” I am sending you to the lost sheep.”


Perfectly polished by the Holy Spirit, Prophet Abraham Richard Bisaso took position at the pulpit to proclaim God’s saving will. Picking off from the previous Wednesday message, the Prophet continued with the same awakening message titled; “I am sending you to the lost sheep.” Taking his reading from the book of Saint Matthew 10:5-20; “These twelve Jesus sent out with the following instructions: Do not go among the Gentiles or enter any town of the Samaritans. Go rather to the lost sheep of Israel as you go preach this message: “The kingdom of heaven is near”(NIV)

Prophet Abraham Richard Bisaso noted that the former verses are precise and strict instructions that our Master Christ Jesus gave to us His disciples to go only to the lost sheep but not everyone. While sending them out, the Lord did not send His Servants with extras; not with silver and gold. He sent them with only what they had and this is the same criteria He uses when sending His Servants even today. Our master Christ Jesus sent His disciples out with nothing because He believed that wherever they went, they would find a worthy man to take care of them.  Every minister is supposed to follow the instruction of the Lord when commissioned because it is then that He will supply to whatever you need. God never lied to you when He sent you to preach the good news; for He will always provide and protect where He has guided. It is you standing with the wrong crowd and this has caused you to doubt your calling. Remember the only moment when a believer doubts what he believes is when he stands amongst doubters, for believing is an issue of heart not mind and the truth is you can never prosper when you are among unbelievers. The Prophet marginalized that as we walk per His word, God also positions people who will water the gardens; but when you a servant take a different route off the instructions, He will not  put there people to support you instead it will be satan feeding you.


On this very note, Prophet Abraham Richard Bisaso cautioned the Servants of God from the four corners of the earth and said; “Ministers think about this- Who is feeding you?” The food on your table who has put it there, is it the Lord? Because if we do not follow the instructions of the Lord then it is the devil who has set people to take care of us. This is where the church today has gone wrong; we are busy in feelings than believing in God. Ministers are busy eating from the enemy’s table yet we claim God sent us. At the end of the day we raise our hands up to God sarcastically demanding a pay from Him.  Citing verse 8, “… freely you have received, freely give.” The servant of God recollected to the twelve, that this gospel is not for sale because the more we merchandise it is the more our faith in God is lost. It is better to be poor but genuine and a friend of God. Today, church does not care about who has given us, as long as they have given us. If someone does not agree with you, why are you accepting their gifts? The Prophet echoed. This is why the devil is feeding the church because the church is off track and off the instructions of the master alas ministers are now carrying beggar’s bags something our Lord Christ Jesus prohibited them to do in verse 10; “take no bag for the journey, or extra tunic or sandals or a staff…”

Folding up this call- examining message, the Prophet of God urged ministers of God always to take the route that Christ has given them, bearing in mind how they were called and to which people they were sent to. He emphasised that everything is possible to he who believes. When we follow the instructions of the Lord, He will always supply.


Father we are praying for the church; have mercy O’ Lord. If one part suffers we all suffer-Have mercy O’ Lord.

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