I am learning something.


I am learning something.

By the Grace of God, Prophet Abraham Richard Bisaso took position at the pulpit and began releasing wisdom to the congregation with a message titled; “I am learning something.” He noted that God delights in small beginnings, if you cannot display your honesty with the little you have, you will not do it tomorrow. What determines greatness, is not the money in your pocket but what you believe. A  rich man is one who is contented with the little they have.

The Prophet added that it is a gift from God to be contented when you have little, however, what has made us (Christians) lose our honesty and loyalty before God is our pursuit for plenty. We forget that God has different views on our lives; look at the fingers on your palm, they are not equal meaning each one has a different role to play.

 When you are contented, you will avoid greed, offense and you will be able to learn something at every level you go on. In the Kingdom of Heaven, there is no skipping any level. You must be taught from one level to another therefore be contented at the level you are and learn something.

The reason why we learn at every level is to avoid being a disappointment in the future. So, in whatever calling you are in, allow yourself to learn. Breaking down what learning entails, the Prophet said that it also has its principles that govern it. First and foremost, you must admit that you do not know hence you open up to learn.

Citing an example of drowning, he noted that unless you first admit that you are drowning and you relax, you can never survive it. Secondly, you must be obedient in the process of learning. Whether they toss you around so long as what you want is quality – endure. Whatever that hits you as a believer, take it as a lesson to help you tomorrow.

However, Christians today have refused to learn, we live in denial. When challenges come our way, many refuse to admit that help is needed. We pretend that all is well and end up being disappointments to society. He cautioned the believers not to miss any level in their walk with Christ because the moment we do so, it will affect our tomorrow.

 The Prophet clarified that; “the foolish things” we go through today are setting us to fit on the next level because if we are not trained well on this level, we will perform poorly on the next level. Even Prophets are natured from one level to another. Therefore do not miss any level, so that you know whom to trust, laugh, relay

on when you reach your success/victory. Summing up the message, the Prophet gave a word to the believers, “Wisdom has always been older than you and I therefore when wisdom speaks, the wise listen.

Child of God, we believe that you have been inspired by this message and you will put in practise what you have learnt.

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