How to tame a drunkard husband.


How to tame a drunkard husband.

With impeccable zeal and gratitude, Mr. Onawe John Francis from Kabowa – Kampala testified for the good shepherd – Christ Jesus whose staff and mercy; rescued him from the valley of drunkenness in which he had walked for a decade then.

Mr. Onawe narrated that his desire for alcohol began during his youthful days; little did he know then that he was playing cards with the devil. As it turned into an addiction which could hardly leave him with any single penny in his pocket As a grown up, Mr. Onawe went along to marry but the joy of marriage lasted only awhile because; someone else named alcohol instantly jumped into his marital bed with a mission of jeopardizing it.

 He said that, within a blink of an eye, scrabbling and disagreements sprang up between him and his wife. He could no longer feel at home in his own house for alcohol had become his sole friend and comfort. Before knowing it, he was now a celebrated drunkard in his vicinity as he had now teamed up with new peers who lived only by the bottle. Mr. Onawe explained that at this moment, satan was on a rampage over his life for he took every alcohol type that he could land on. As if that was not enough, he always carried some in his pockets and even when he went to bed he could put the remainders next to his pillow.

As Proverbs 20:1 says: Wine is a mocker and beer a brawler; whoever is led astray by them is not wise. This is indeed true. Because on top of being a habitual drunkard, Mr. Onawe added gambling to his daily menu as an option of getting quick money to satisfy his drinking appetite. With this at hand, the devil had him where he wanted him because he gambled all the way to poverty. He could no longer pay his rent or meet his family’s needs and at this point he was in debts with everyone he knew. Yet none of those he owed paid him.

It was in such a desperate state (Matthew 11:28) that Mr. Onawe came to True Vine Communion Ministries for all Nations in Kampala – Uganda in January 2018. Here he was prayed for by Prophet Abraham Richard Bisaso and set free. He affirmed that indeed when the Son sets you free you are free indeed because; out of sheer stubbornness after being prayed for, Mr. Onawe went back to the bar the next day and asked for a cold beer. With awe he explained that no sooner had he taken a second sip than it began choking him and he vomited uncontrollable as everyone around was wondering what was happening him. He said, since then, he lost urge and appetite for alcohol and never tasted it again for a year now.

Wearing her smile of victory, Mrs. Victoria Nantamu Onawe stood beside her husband to confirm his deliverance. She said her husband was an alcohol addict who could instantly start a fight whenever she touched his liquor bottle. She added that, this aside, her husband could rarely touch the food she prepared for he never had appetite for food but only for alcohol. Mrs. Onawe confirmed that even in their marital bed, her husband had to first take alcohol to perform his husbandry duties.  Surely, it was this unbearable circumstances that pushed her to prayer asking God to intervene in her marriage. God is good, He heard her persistent plea. Miraculously her strong headed husband accepted Christ Jesus as his personal savior and today he is delivered, free and a caring husband. Yes, the best way to tame a drunkard husband is going to the prayer mat. Glory be to God.

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