In the Holy Ghost power, Prophet Abraham Richard Bisaso took his position at the pulpit. And like a mighty heavenly warrior, led the believers into a war prayer.

My enemy satan, I know you are spiritual I am also standing in Spirit now. I am seeing you.  I command you and your agents to be scattered and blinded!”

From the powerful prayer, the Prophet ushered the believers into the message of the day titled “Horses and chariots surround the city.”- In reference to the book of2 kings 6:15- 21 15When the servant of the man of God got up and went out early the next morning, an army with horses and chariots had surrounded the city.  ‘Oh no, my lord! What shall we do?’ the Servant asked.

16” Don’t be afraid,’ the prophet answered. Those who are with us are more than those who are with them.’ 17And Elisha prayed, O LORD open his eyes so that he may see.” Then the LORD opened the servant’s eyes, and he looked and saw the hills full of horses and chariots of fire all around Elisha. 18. As the enemy came down towards him Elisha prayed to the LORD, “Strike these people with blindness, as Elisha had asked.”

Believers you are that city under siege; by the time you woke up, you only found bad news. Satan had plotted in the night to fail you today; to fail your business, health, faith and plans.  It means this word was not for Elisha but the Word of God to you believer!  That situation surrounding your life, the lack, bad dreams, limitation, sickness, depression and many others, all these are signs that your enemy has attacked you with horses and chariots-his agents.

 As Christians, satan is our common enemy, he is the enemy of the Church and its unity. Right now you are in a maze; where you see those against you many.  It is like they are attacking you from every side. You can hear them breathing discouragement and accusation; saying, “You can’t manage that. You are a sinner. You are weak.” It may seem that many hate you. But listen to me, those standing with us as Christians are many and they cannot allow satan to lay a finger on you.

The LORD has invested much in you and behold He speaks with all pride. “You are my servant. I have put you where you are. It was not a waste of time.” Remember He says “Touch not on My anointed.” He means you. You are the one He is speaking about. Confess it and say, “I am the one.”

 The devil will plot against you, but he will not win. Because this is the Word of God, “No weapon against a child of God will ever prevail.” However, every one that draws close to Christ will be rescued. Even now may the LORD strike our enemy’s eyes with blindness and confuse them not to see your blessings.

This is exactly what our master Christ tells us in John 9:39; that He came so that the blind could receive sight and those who see could become blind. Right now, your spiritual eyes have been opened; you can now see your enemy.  Look, your enemy is blind now. When your spirit is blinded, it means you are walking in darkness. You do not know where you are going. Even when your two physical eyes seem to see, you will walk like a blind man. You will be going nowhere.

Believers, your enemy cannot stop you anymore; because I have seen satan run away from you, out of your situation. In the spiritual world I am seeing you walking going. And wherever you are going, it is your destiny. I know you had tried everything in your ability but failed. However, today I am seeing you going to where the LORD destined you to be. You are free believers, give GOD the Glory.

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