Have you ever believed?


Have you ever believed?

By the Grace of God, Prophet Abraham Richard Bisaso took his position at the pulpit and stirred the congregation into the message of the day titled, “Have you ever believed?”

With reference from the book of Mark 9:14:23 ‘If you can?’ said Jesus. ‘Everything is possible for him who believes.’ 24Immediately the boy’s father exclaimed, ‘I do believe; help me over come my unbelief!’ 25When Jesus saw that a crowd was running to the scence, he rebuked the evil spirit.  You deaf and mute spirit, he said, I command you, come out of him and never enter him again. [NIV]

The Prophet said that the moment the father of the demon possessed boy realised that indeed he had no belief, he made the right prayer in verse 25.

He noted that today most Christians are like the father of the demon possessed man; we claim to believe but in actual sense we do not; because of the way we react and respond to the challenges before us.

As long as you believe in God through Christ Jesus that He is Lord there is no battle or situation that will defeat you. This is because every battle you face, you will fight it by faith and trust in God that He is your healer, deliverer, provider, defender, the forgiver of sins and friend.

There is nothing external [sickness, poverty, persecution] that can cause a believer to fall. This is because Christianity is in the heart not in physical attributes.

Going deeper in the message, the Prophet said that you cannot see your destiny when you do not have absolute trust in God. Do not put your trust in people because often times they will advise you according to their experiences and not according to the Spirit of God.

Prophet Abraham advised the congregation to make it a point to believe first then the Spirit of God will inspire them to act. “Your money and “faith” is what is destroying the Church today.

Because you think you know it all, a Christian today will refuse to listen when the Spirit of God speaks and opt to copy from others because of the positions held in Church. We forget that a true Christian is He who has Christ in Him and does not copy other “People’s faith.”

Giving a remedy to the Church, the Prophet assured the house that Christians must understand that their belief in God differs depending on the level of trust each one has in God.

Do not copy belief; you need to have your own trust in God and that way you will please Him just like our fore fathers did. You need to believe before you act because that is what they all did from Noah to Abraham, David, Daniel and others.

Summing up this truth packed message the Servant of God asserted that one should never call himself a believer based on the physical things he does in his community or Church.

This is because anyone in the community and Church can do what you do and even better when given the opportunity. Your roots of belief should be dipped in the very fact that Jesus is Lord from within with the help of the Holy Spirit because not everyone believes that.

Further study: Phil 3:10, Phil 4:13, Luke 9:18-20, Matthew 14:22-29

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