Gone are the chilly nights, leaking roofs and scornful insults:


Gone are the chilly nights, leaking roofs and scornful insults:

In adoration, Ms. Nabuukera Cissy of Buikwe District testified for the wonder working God of Prophet Abraham Richard Bisaso. She narrates, “During the 2018, ‘Let’s come back to God Conference,’ the Prophet prophesied that Buikwe region where I reside is going to develop.

I never thought this word was meant for me. However, a year later, I saw it come to pass unto me. This is how I comprehended what the Word of God says in Isaiah 55: 11 that, God’s Word cannot return to Him unless it fulfills the purpose it was sent to do.

For several years, my family had been leaving in this shattered house like a group of fugitives; this house was nothing but a cage of torment. Apart from it being built with reeds and mud, it had a dusty floor and it was also leaking courtesy of old worn out iron sheets.

During the night the cold wind made it right through the patched walls and during the day scorn and insults from our village mates was the order of the day. Eventually, shame became our crown as everyone called us cursed.

Truthfully and strangely, my fiancé and I had a fair income but all of it would mysteriously vanish in thin air. Severally, our Children would fall sick and all the money ended up in hospitals, sorcery and witchcraft.

This went on untamed until God sent us His servant Prophet Abraham Richard in the 2018; ‘Let’s come back to God Conference’- John 3:16.

It was during the Conference that I decided to let go of my wicked ways and accepted Christ Jesus as my Lord and Saviour. Undeniably, this was my turning point; since then, everything began to fall in order.

In September 2019, my eldest daughter had a dream in which she saw Prophet Abraham Richard going around our house.

When my daughter woke up and she told me about the dream; we believed that it meant we are going to build. Later in that very month; my daughter travelled to the Ministry’s headquarters in Kampala for prayers.

At the Ministry’s headquarters during the service, the Prophet under the guidance of the Holy Spirit told all those present to touch anything in the Prayer house, and ask God for whatever they wanted.

My daughter too obliged and prayed for God to give us a new family house. This Prayer was answered; a week later, my fiancé and I received enough money to build our own house in just three weeks.

So, it has come to pass as the Prophet had prophesied that my vicinity- Buikwe region is going to develop. In addition to that, the evil hole that the Prophet revealed at the conference which was devouring our money had been leveled by the Holy Ghost power.  Therefore, setting us financially free!

Today, I am proof of this. Gone are the chilly nights, the leaking roofs and scornful insults. In fact, to march God’s glory, this new house has electricity in it, new furniture and home appliances – life is better than ever. 

Glory to God, for His Grace turns ashes into beauty.”

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