From the Prayer Mountain in Luwombo Buikwe District Uganda- East Africa, Prophet Abraham Richard Bisaso under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, led the believers into the day’s message titled, “God’s Time verses Man’s time.”

 It is paramount for Christians to always work in God’s time. When God speaks, He wants it done there and then, in His way not our way. Meaning if we cling to working or serving God in our convinient time, then we will never work with the Holy Spirit. Working in God’s time shows how much you Love Him. Even if you fast, serve and pray but not in God’s time, you will never change anything in your life.

We cannot change our lives, communities, Nations and the World at large if we work in our convinient time. The secret to winning the heart of God is working in the Spirit’s time. God’s time is the best time. Only the Holy Spirit our  helper who knows God’s Time.

If you claim to be a Christian, yet  still plan for God, then you have never been one. Many so called Christians think they are not victims of this but they are. The moment you plan on how long you are going to pray and what you will do after, then you are timing God.

God cannot be timed for no man knows His Time. Man only desires to work in a comfortable setting which  is often contrary to the Spirit. Therefore do not fall into the temptation of the flesh, because the flesh will always oppose the Spirit. Always endeavor to seek for the Holy Spirit before you do anything; for He alone (Holy Spirit) knows the mind of the Heavenly Father.

There is no wise man on the earth that can understand God’s wisdom that is why they hardly get saved. God’s timing will always stumble the wise people of the World. Yet to those who are seemingly foolish, it is a metaphor to rely on the Spirit, thus humbling themselves to wait on God patiently. In other words true light is seen by the seemingly foolish.

In conclusion, the Prophet noted that the Spirit of God will always speak the seemingly impossible to a believer; so that he or she can exercise faith. God is bigger than what we have ever imagined or thought, let us learn to serve God in His time.

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