“God speaks to the heart.”


“God speaks to the heart.”

 At time check 2:37pm the man in the ministry himself, Prophet Abraham Richard Bisaso took his position at the pulpit and remarked, “Father we are here for you, please take more of us and give us more of you.” With this, he welcomed the TVC Sunday School with their brilliant performance tilted, “Prophecy is a firm foundation.”Upon them finishing, the Prophet exclaimed; “You and I are a result of prophecy meaning, God prophesied and everything came to be.”The Prophet then disclosed the day’s message titled, “God speaks to the heart” with reference from the book of 1 Samuel 16-7; “…the Lord does not look at the things man looks at. Man looks at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at heart.” (NIV)

This world is a hot seat and if you go with what it says then you are doomed: the Prophet asserted. I know many things do push you to make various decisions, but always inquire from the Lord if you are to find peace. If you move by what people say, you will not survive even a week. Examine your life today and you will certainly notice that whatever you are in now is as a result of listening to human advice. Today you are regretting saying, “I wish I knew it would not be like this.”This is a result of your listening to what humans tell you. One of the many problems with men advising you is that they do have different thoughts and motives. Men will always advise you on what seems good or right according to their own experiences and perspectives. Many of those who advise you hardly know you at all, or the purpose of your calling, so do not take what they say but listen to what God says only. To the believers, Prophet Abraham Richard Bisaso emphasized, first listen to your heart before making any decision. For if you are really God’s child, He will always speak to you through your own heart.

The problem you have is that you undermine what is inside your heart. This is why you end up listening to what everyone around you is saying, instead of listening to the Lord your God. On this very note, the Servant of God disclosed that you are the best partner of yourself for no one understands you better than you do. The more you inquire from men, the more you will get confused and satan will deceive you because you do not trust God’s voice in your heart hence trusting more of mortal men than your creator. The Prophet also made it clear that man is only right to speak or advise when inspired by the Holy Spirit. Meaning, the only person to advise you outside your heart is he/she that the Holy Spirit has commissioned to.

The Prophet of God revealed that no matter what you are going through: God will always speak to your heart because He knows you, called you and set you apart for a purpose. You are what God says you are not what people say so listen more to your heart and you will hear God speak to you in all situations. He reminded the believers that, God is looking for men with His heart. Those who listen only to Him and know what He wants. If you listen to the Lord’s voice in your heart, the Holy Spirit will guide your every step and connect you to the people that are meant to be with you. Even today Christ is saying, “I called you, made you, do not listen to the world but to me for Iam your righteousness.”

Prayer confession: Lord Holy Spirit, open my heart to hear you speak to me.

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