God can use your talent.


God can use your talent.

Like a daughter of the Heavens, under the instruction of her father in the Lord Prophet Abraham Richard Bisaso, Minister Mugide Philo took position at the pulpit and her first remarks were; “I thank the Lord that I am here today positioned to deliver this special message to you.” Upon this, she led the believers into the message of the day titled; “God can use your talent,” with reference from the book of Saint Matthew 25:14-30: To one he gave five talents of money to another two talents, and to another one talent, each according to his ability. (NIV)

She then explained that we were all created with different talents and gifts and they can all please the Lord when used in the right way. The only way you can know your talents is by seeking the Lord to help you know it and how best to use it. If God does not guide you, you might end up using it wrongly hence abusing or upsetting the talent giver – God. What talent do you have? The Minister asked the congregants. The Lord is saying; it is time for Him to go and gather His people through that talent of yours. Is it loving, sharing, caring, speaking eloquently etal; fan it up in Christ Jesus so that He can use it to fish men to the kingdom of Heaven.

Minister Mugide then questioned the believers saying, “What is your challenge? Just be positioned in the Word of God.” The solution to your problem is doing what the Lord has said. It is all about obedience; so get up play your part in the body of Christ. Remember, to a spiritual person it is not about a miracle but the Word of God. I know most of us are saying I am busy and go on look for money. Let me tell you my brother; the Lord has given you a solution to your long time problem. Let us understand and do what the Lord is saying; all you need is to trust and obey. Fan into flame that gift God has given you, for not only will it bring souls to Christ, but help you keep fit in spirit and body.

Prayer: Lord Holy Spirit, help me to know my talent so that I can use it the right way.

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