From the soothing music, Prophet Abraham Richard Bisaso took his spiritual stand and then spoke to the listening congregation on Dew Radio. This was their divine package from the Spirit of God.

“Believers, I absolutely know that you are there because the Spirit of God has prepared you to listen to Him through me. Remember, spiritual blessings are not for everyone but for a selected few by the Will of God;” the Prophet echoed.

In addition to this he said; “Whatever is happening right now may hurt the world but I want to remind you that the Word of God says that all things happen for the good of those that love the LORD [Romans 8:28]. This takes me back the revelation of 2022 where the LORD revealed and said: ‘things will be tough but there is a way.’ And I believe there has been a way somewhere for you.

Therefore, as we take our meditation, our prayer point will come from the book of John 14:5-6; but let us first take our walk in the book of Romans chapter 8:28 and reflect on the Word of God. For many times, we pray but we do not let God do what he wants. Yet, after pray we are supposed to leave everything unto Him so that He can execute His plans.

Whatever situation you are going through, God has something to say. Meaning, whatever happens to us, it may seem painful but to a Christian it is always good because God can never pervert from His Word. Reason being, His Word is the base of our life and in Him we find our comfort, forgiveness etal not in our families, businesses or wealth.

This I am saying is from the Spirit of God and it is meant to change you. Instead of talking to men, talk to God. Many of us are observing and interpreting seasons the way the world interprets them. This is wrong!

The Word of God in the book of Jeremiah chapter 29:11 [NIV] says that: For I know the plans I have for you, declares the LORD, ‘plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you a hope and a future.’

Everything may seem delaying but it is never late with our creator. The plan for your hope is not in your hands but God. In this I mean, hope for your future, career, journeys, ministry just to mention but a few. So do not forsake the Word of God, you will completely have no hope. And always bear in mind that we find God in His Word.

So do not look for help from anywhere [money, neighbors, parents, businesses etc] rather, look for it in God alone. Seek Him; you will know what He is saying and do not allow your heart to be driven by fear. All you need to do is read the Word of God because it will nurse your wounds and there is no better doctor than it.

Many of us feel God lied to us because of our situations, but that is not true. Actually, if you feel that, then repent because you are the liar -God is straight. When you read scriptures, God has always fulfilled His Word.

You that are sick and needs healing, troubled, in need of peace, have delayed promises your solution is in the Word of God alone.

Look at what happened to Prophet Jeremiah, [Jeremiah chapter 37 and 38]; the LORD kept him alive to witness what he had told him. Meaning, nothing will ever happen to those with the Word of God upon their lives, until they see what the LORD promised.

Believers! Do you have the Word of God upon your life? Then be happy! Many may think you are in bondage and prison but before God you are not. So do not fight what you are going through. God will do anything to preserve you if you are with His Word.

As I was studying the gospel of John chapter 14 verse 5 and praying: I heard the Word of God say to me; ‘tell those people to look up to me because I am the way. ’So, as you listen to me through this medium, I encourage you not to worry but focus on Christ alone because you cannot know God’s mind, unless you are in His Word.

Remember, whatever is not godly can never comfort you. If you cannot spare time to read you bible then you cannot look for Him. Just ask yourself this question: how many times do you read or study your bible? This explains the time you give God and the times you are in God’s presence [Psalm 84:1-2].

When you read Verse 3 of Psalm chapter 84: Even the sparrow has found a home, and the swallow a net for herself, where she may have her young a place near your altar. This brings to my understanding that everything of mine/yours, must know God but this can only happen when I/you find this truth.

The more time you spend in the Word of God, the more you respond to His message and your spirit, body and mind is drawn.You also see no sin, trouble, unrighteousness, struggling but peace, joy, self- control, righteousness etc.

Today many of you are suffering and struggling because; you have covenants you made with God and later chose to take them to the world, that is why it has rejected you because you are Israelites in Egypt.

Remember, when you distance from Christ, the way disappears. Believe me; no one knows what is coming in the next season but God alone. So do not interpret things your way because, Human interpretation of God’s season will give you disappointment. All you need is spiritual interpretation. Thank you for your quality time and this Word of God will stand a test of time.

Confess: Jesus Christ is the way!

Future scripture reference: Isaiah 43:19, Psalm 15.

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