“Go tell the devil, I am here to stay!”


“Go tell the devil, I am here to stay!”

Instructed by his father in the Lord, Prophet Abraham Richard Bisaso, Minister Henry Tendo Kaaya took position at the pulpit with the Holy Spirit’s Signature, to deliver the message of the day titled, Go tell the devil, I am here to stay!”

With reference from the Gospel of Saint Luke 13:31-33: 31At that time some Pharisees came to Jesus and said to him, “Leave this place and go somewhere else. Herod wants to kill you.” 32He replied, “Go tell that fox, I will drive out demons and heal people today and tomorrow, and on the third day I will reach my goal.’’(NIV)

Referring to the scripture, the minister said that as a Christian the declaration Christ Jesus made must be your confession when faced by challenges. He emphasised that the Pharisees came to Christ Jesus in form of empathy using sweet and enticing words, to divert Him from accomplishing His goal.

If satan could try to do it to Christ Jesus, then you are not different since you are His follower. The devil will use anything to divert and intimidate you but do not let him for he never positioned you. Remember, before you encountered Christ Jesus you were spiritually crippled and in several demonic cages but the Mighty hand of God brought you and positioned you to serve Him.

The minister expounded that satan can never come to intimidate, attack or fight you unless you are of value in the Kingdom of God. The same way, God can never call you for nothing because He is not a waster. When He calls you, it means you are of value in the Kingdom of Heaven.

The reason why Christ saw it worthy to die for you is because you are worth something in the Kingdom of Heaven. Let not the devil deceive you that you are nothing, you are something. That is why satan fights you because your testimony is glorious and he knows it will bring more testimonies that will glorify the LORD. Keep in mind that every testimony you have is a won battle.

Turning to the Church, the minister said, “The Church today has also fallen into the trap of intimidation. When the devil raises dust, they run off and compromise with him for fear to lose their dignity and positions in the community. As Christians, satan has no authority over our lives. It is not the devil to demarcate our territories; it is only Christ Jesus who has authority to do that and show us direction. This is because the cross is our only compass and where the cross goes, we go.

Summing up the spiritually empowering message, Minister Henry Tendo Kaaya said that a Christian’s only weapon is prayer. Know who you are in Christ Jesus, confess it in faith and satan will never take anything of yours.


Confess: satan you will not intimidate me, I am not afraid of you because I am here to stay.


At the Throne of Mercy, Minister Esther Tendo then led the house of believers into praying for the Church of God.

She ascertained, “There is a Servant of God who is discouraged. There are ministries covered with darkness. When Peter and John healed someone (Acts 4), the Pharisees were not happy. They were brought before the courts of law but this did not stop them from doing what was right.

In the same determination that was bestowed onto Apostles Peter and John, by the power of the Holy Spirit, pray for all the Servants of God to receive determination and courage to do the Will of God.”

Prayer: Let there be courage, determination upon the Servants of God, not to be intimidated and discouraged in the name of Christ Jesus.

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