As an ambassador from the Heavenly Kingdom, Prophet Abraham Richard Bisaso took his spiritual stand as Grace befell him and then ushered the believers into the presence of God.

“Hallelujah believers! Wherever you are, thank you for listening to us through our social media platforms. Give God the Glory for I believe the joy of the Holy Spirit is not limited and it goes beyond human understanding. The Bible says in the book of Psalm 100:4 that we should come in the presence of God with thanks giving.

The time is now believers, begin to thank God for His mercy, healing, forgiveness etal; because if God is not appreciated, how can He do more for us?

Once again, you are welcome to the Prayer Mountain, a place for prayer. Feel comfortable because if you do not, you will not receive this comfort anywhere.

Let us begin today’s devotion with the bread of life. I understand and know that you are finding life not balancing. When you wake up in the morning, you feel good; by midday your joy is gone and you curse God in the evening because of what is going on in your life! However, I am here to encourage you.


When we study the Bible, it instructs us to have freedom, become over comers, be empowered and move mountains before us. However, this can only be if we allow Jesus Christ in our hearts. The moment you allow Him, He dominates you and whatever is impossible with men, is possible with you.

What is amazing with Christians today is that when they see miracles, signs and wonders they say it is impossible. Yet a Christian is not supposed to have such a confession. Because everything is possible with God and it can be with anyone He gives His authority.

Let us examine the Word of God for the purpose of our faith in the book of John 8:31 [NIV]: To the Jews who had believed in him, Jesus said, ‘If you hold to my teaching, you are really my disciples. 32Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.’

This scripture means that if you keep in step with the Word of God, study, follow and examine it, you will know the truth that whatever Jesus did and said was for your freedom.

Many of us think we are not in bondage because we claim to be Christians. Nonetheless, remember there are two types of bondage; a spiritual and physical bondage. Eighty percent of Christians today consider human bondage yet they are spiritually held up. Look at the rich man and Lazarus who was a beggar yet he had a free heart and was a friend of God. Those around him thought he was in bondage yet he was not.

On the other hand, look at yourself. You are here seated in Church, have a job, family but held in bondage spiritually and demons are all over you. Whoever you get married to or give your money, gets a problem. The one you get close to in business fails, meaning there must be a problem. Nonetheless, if the Son sets you free you shall be free indeed.

No one will ever help you out of this bondage without Jesus. Not even your mother, father, partner, business etal. Rather, you will be helped by Jesus entering your spirit and delivering you by breaking that evil cage. For the Word of God is teaching us to stay away from sin, for whoever stays sinning is a slave to sin.

Let us look at the book of Romans 7:15 -19[NIV]: I do not understand what I do. For what I want to do I do not do it, but what I hate I do.

Believers, God sees the inside of man’s heart but people see the outside. However, if you were seeing as the Spirit of God, you would not be behaving like this. The reason you are in bondage is because you need the truth to set you free. However, today we have mistreated people we would have treasured.

For example, one may reject his would be husband because of his looks and goes with what glitters. Within a month, you are fighting and the marriage is no more because of wrong judgments.

People that would have been a blessing in your life are not because; you are in bondage and satan is pushing you out of your blessings. If you are in bondage, even if you dine with a king you will return a slave.

Romans 10:8-11 brings it closer to us that when we believe in Jesus and ask for help we can not be disappointed. The question is; what should I do to believe that my confession can bring salvation?

The answer to this is; believing in Jesus Christ for it is only through Him that salvation, righteousness, healing, testimonies come. Remember, at the mention of His name, every knee must bow [sickness, poverty, lack, bad dreams, limitation etal]. 

Therefore, there is no trick for your freedom if you are in any bondage. And if you are held up spiritually, you cannot pray or have peace in your life unless you are set free. As believers we are given power and authority to cast out diseases, demons and heal. However, the reason why we are failing even after quoting scriptures from the Word of God is because we are spiritually in bondage.

Remember, the source of power in a Christian’s life, comes from the heart. I have never seen a man without Jesus commanding demons to go and they go. For it is only with Christ’s authority that man sends the demons where he wants them to go.

The reason why we cannot exercise power to heal the sick is because we too are not free. What man is on the inside is what he releases. You cannot give what you do not possess.

When the adulterous woman was brought before Jesus and told that she deserved to die, to them it was true, but not to Jesus. That is why He drew closer and defended the woman who was in bondage and had been sentenced to death. In the end, all her accusers left. This means Jesus did not only defend the woman but also saved her.

Believer, you are this woman because of the spiritual bondage in your life. The devil has made a proclamation upon you because of the bondage and sin in your life, marriage, business to mention but a few.

Prayer: LORD I am addicted to alcohol, bad dreams, lying, immorality, stealing, prayerlessness, sickness and disease, failure etc. Set me free!


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