Psalm 108:5: Be exalted, O’ God, above the Heavens; let your glory be over all the earth. In the same manner, the choristers of True Vine Communion Ministries For All Nations worshipped the Lord in splendor and majesty.

Amidst the worship, Prophet Abraham Richard Bisaso welcomed the believers that were tuned in on TVC Radio for the live service. Under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, he was with leaders and elders from different sectors in the region in studio to share the Word of God. He said:

God’s Time is the best, I always wait for His time because it is always the best. Today I want to talk about fear. It is okay to fear but there is fear that causes man to make mistakes. Fear in a Christian eats up faith; there is human fear of poverty, sickness and disease etc. But the fear that is beyond, comes to eat up the faith we have in God. 

Whenever we face a situation and fear comes in, get to know that faith is lost. When we fear, we lose faith in God and it reveals who we really are -I mean our true nature. When you look at the scriptures, Jesus told his disciples not to fear because He was always available. However if we have no God to depend on, we must fear [Psalm 20:7].

When we look in the book of Matthew 14:27, But Jesus immediately said to them: ‘Take courage! It is I. don’t be afraid.’ This scripture means that Christ Jesus gave them [the disciples] what to depend on. Everyone has something they depend on, I for one, I depend on God.

If you want to see breakthrough in your life, you need God. Fear is not for the world alone but Christians too. When a Christian faces a situation [fear], it is meant to uplift them. But today’s Church, we do not want to talk about bad situations at all. To a true Christian, a bad situation that arises, there is victory at the center but to a man without Christ, it is destruction. 

Bad situations are not our enemies, they are our friends because they push us to the side of God. Situations have pushed me to seek God, fast and go for charity -I would not be what I am today if it was not situations. The bad situations we face, the Lord uses them to save us, and to humble us to be humble before God.

 When you see situations the way God sees them you will get success and the reserve is true. Unfortunately today we have dropped our norms because of situations and that is why we bow down to them.

We all know the story of Joseph; when he was in the pit, he saw things like God saw them, entered Egypt as a slave yet he was to govern it. While there, he was accused and he was sent to jail. However everything that happened was leading to his promise being fulfilled.

While in jail, he interpreted a dream which later led him to his rightful position meaning Pharaohs dream was not a mistake. Amidst all this suffering, it pushed him [Joseph] to victory, right from the pit he saw glory meaning he saw things the way God saw them.

Take this as a special message listener, where you are right now [the situation you are going through], it is not where you are supposed to be. But you can only get where you are supposed to be, with God. He will lead you from one level to another until you get where you are supposed to be.

It is not that every bad situation we face is going to destroy us, some are here to teach us as leaders. We do not defend our Christianity, Christ Jesus defends us. When He defends us, wherever we stand and be there will be truth in our leadership skills.

We cannot be true unless we have God in our hearts.  People should see it in us as leaders too; when He defends us, wherever we stand there will be truth in our leadership skills. You cannot be true unless you have God in your heart.

I have seen problems of leaders because I am a leader too. A leader is always lied and if you have no God, you cannot know what is right or wrong. Remember the well -being of your heart is the life you have. You cannot display light when you have darkness [1John 1:5].

In conclusion the Prophet recapped the message saying: Fear eats up our faith in God, do not let fear in your heart. What man fears, he will worship that is why Jesus is not allowing us to fear because faith will be lost completely.

Further scriptural readings: Isaiah 54:17, Genesis 37, 39, 40 & 41

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