As the WORD of God was burning in his spirit from the LORD, the Prophet of God Abraham Richard Bisaso took divine authority and led the believers into prayer. His first remarks were; “Let us pray, Father take more of me and give me more of your Spirit. LORD, forgive my sins and wash me completely clean to be in your presence in Jesus ‘name.Thank you all of you praying with us via our social media platforms.”

From the spirit filled prayer, the Prophet then led the house of believers in to the message of the day.

“We worship God by spirit not by law and by the Spirit’s will, everything changes. Believers, a testimony created by the Holy Spirit does not weigh out. Keep sharing it because it has power to heal another man. Meaning that testimony Christ performed for you should bear witness until He retunes to give you another.

But today we want more testimonies even before we utilizewhat Christ has given us. We call God unfaithful yet it is we who are unfaithful. I believe He passed many in Galilee who were in need of help because He was waiting for His father’s Will.

Believer, it is not until you share your testimony with the world, that God will add you another testimony. It is your duty to share that testimony because it will benefit you and entice Christ to add you more.

God will never give us testimonies to be put to waste, rather, to speak for Him. We are blessed, healed, given mercy and grace to testify but we feel ashamed to talk about what God has ever done for us. Are you ready to testify for God and make others love your testimony?

This begins with establishing a relationship with Christ Jesus. The book of Acts 10 says that when Apostle Peter went to Cornelius’ home, the Holy Spirit came upon them and they asked Him to stay with them so that He could teach, guide and counsel them on what to do. And when he did, they testified to it.

This they did is a true depiction of the true living church because they were concerned. Today I want to answer the question: What does God want me to do after being lit up?

The Word of God in the gospel of John 6:28-29 [NIV]: Then they asked him, ‘What must we do to do the works God requires?’ 29 Jesus answered, ‘the work of God is this: to believe in the one he has sent.’

The message released this year says, “The LORD asks, who shall I light up to be a channel 2022?”  The answer is within your heart, however, you may despise yourself because of your status, age, appearance, weakness etc. If you are this man, I want to share with you something.

Listen to this story, in a certain kingdom, a king had many servants and gave orders. At one point in time, one of his servants that welcomes people in the kingdom broke the orders and sinned. So, the next day, the king had a party and invited everyone to attend. 

Everyone prepared themselves except the one that had disobeyed the orders. When the guests arrived, they had no one to usher them in. So, the king asked why it was happening. In response, he was informed that his servant in charge of the gate had disobeyed the rules and could not make it to the party.

Then the king became so furious that he ordered him brought. Having reached before the king, he repented to his master the king, who forgave him but ordered for his execution. Question is why did the king do this? Because he ordered everyone to be part of the party regardless of everyone’s state but the servant did not.

Do you know what this story means believer? Many Christians are like this servant. We are so focused on our sins and forget to do the right thing before God. We look like people whom the LORD has never worked for. Hence not even willing to share what he has done.

How then, will the LORD add you more when you cannot honor Him? What does He expect you to do? John 6:28- 29 explains it best. Just believe in the one sent because there is no way you can do the work of God without believing in the one he has sent.

Our major problem is faith, just like those in the ancient times who wanted the messiah to appear in glitters. Jesus not being in the image they expected was doubted to an extent of being asked to perform a miracle so that they could believe.

Verse 30 [NIV]: So, they asked him, ‘What sign then will you give that we may see it and believe you? What will you do?’ It means people believe after seeing signs and wonders. So, if you happen to see them, then believe because there is a greater power in him that performs miracles.

We need a commander to believe because we are all soldiers in this work of Christ. You cannot do this work unless you believe in the one God has sent for you.

The main reason why Jesus performs miracles for us is to believe and follow Him. You cannot follow or respect someone that is not greater than you. If you can only believe my message, then I will guide you on how to pray and where to go because everything is possible.

This year, you will fail to move if you do not believe. Many of us ask for God’s Grace and He gives it to us because it is the supernatural ability in man. Many of us walk with this Grace and we do not apply our in born talents yet we ought to put in our best.

After prayer, do not just seat back but put everything right so that when Grace operates, you will be favored among the many. The LORD has given you the Grace, use it as you pray it will see you through.

With these words, I believe I have spoken a word of wisdom to your spirit. In all you do, focus more on the work of God. Matthew 6:26 says, He knows whatever you need even before you ask for it. He knows that you are His child.

If you want to serve God believer, it all begins by man believing in the one sent before him. Today, Jesus Christ is before you telling you to believe because you have seen the sick and lame healed, prophecies perfected, and the poor blessed.

If you are to be a channel in 2022, you need to mature in charity and love your neighbor the way you love yourself. Mature in this gospel and also ask the LORD to make you a channel of blessing to others. There is nothing good as seeing your neighbor happy because the gospel of Jesus is about love.

If you want to prosper, begin with what is in your heart otherwise you may never prosper. Also, as a believer, it is always good to take some time off and pray; for prayer does not lie [Ephesians 6:18].

Prayer: I cancel every plan of satan set to fail me.

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