Faith in a Man’s heart!


Faith in a Man’s heart!

Under the authority of her father in the Lord, Prophet Abraham Richard Bisaso, Evangelist Mugide Philo
took position at the pulpit and thereafter welcomed the believers in the name of Christ Jesus. From the
grand welcome, she ushered the believers that had gathered at the Prayer Mountain, those on Tvc
Radio and the Zoom platform into a prayer.

Prayer: We welcome you Spirit of Jesus into our presence, come take your place in us.

From the wonderful prayer, the Evangelist then started off by appreciating God and reminding the
believers of God’s great power that had performed testimonies in their midst.

“We thank God for all the testimonies we have received this month. Believers, have you received faith
after listening to all these testimonies Christ has done in our midst? I believe we need to give Him all the
glory because He has been so good to us.

What is the name of the mountain before you today [sickness, diseases, set back, confusion, lack,
limitation etal]? As Christ healed our brothers and sister, I believe you are next in line to testify just take
heart. Today’s sharing is about, “Faith in Man’s heart.”

Let us visit the Word of God in Hebrews 11:1[NIV]: Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and
assurance about what we do not see.

This scripture means that, with faith, your spiritual eyes can lead you to your healing as the lame man in
the book of Acts 14:8 who was born lame. After listening to Apostle Paul’s teaching attentively, he
believed and Paul commanded him to walk; something he had not done from birth, hence receiving his

When we look at Christians of today, we lack faith, and truth be told, when a Word of healing is sent
from the Lord, we do not benefit from it simply because of doubt in our hearts.

The lame man from Lystra is a good example for today’s Christians and is teaching us to believe more
and have faith in God. Because, through listening to the Word of God, His spiritual ears opened because
he listened with his heart.

Today we have failed to receive our healing, breakthrough, blessings, favour etal; because we do not
listen with our spiritual ears thus staying in situations for so long. Yet, when faith meets faith a miracle
happens and it can only happen when we open up our hearts.

The moment you trust and love the one sent before you, healing becomes easier. When we examine the
scriptures in the gospel of John 5:1-10, the sick man who was at the pool for thirty-eight years without
being healed when others were healed, had a problem. And I believe it was doubt.

Many of us today are not different from this man who claimed that no one would throw him in the pool
for healing whenever the LORD’s angel came down to stir up the water. He looked at his physical
strength to save him and ended up disappointed instead.

It is very wrong as Christians to look at our physical abilities to get well. The reason we are in bondage is
because we use our physical strength not faith whenever we have an encounter with Christ Jesus and
that way, we miss out on our healing. Meaning there is need for us to work upon our faith.

In the gospel of Mark 9:14 when the father of the demon possessed boy reported the disciples to Jesus
because they could not cast out the evil spirit, Jesus replied saying, “Oh unbelieving generation!” This
happened because He did not find faith.

That is why when this evil spirit saw Jesus; it oppressed the young boy more because it knew that there
was a greater force before it, a man with greater faith had appeared.

So believers, whenever we go before God, we need to be prepared, believing that He is able to save us.
And for that reason, if you want a miracle, believe without seeing because the moment you believe, you
become blessed and healing comes quickly.

For the WORD of God says that we walk by faith not sight and every situation ahead of us goes by prayer
[Mark 9:29].”

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