As the TVC choristers ushered in the presence of the Spirit of God in beautiful melodies, He sent His servant, Prophet Abraham Richard Bisaso to proclaim a saving message for the Church.  The Prophet recapped the previous message, “God always comes in at His Time.” He reviewed this message explaining that prayer is a thing of God but answering is according to His Time.

It is Godly and important to pray about what is torturing, bothering and weighing you down, but answering is according to God’s Time. In God’s Time, everything is perfect.

After those statements of wisdom, he led the believers into the message of the day titled, “Dreams and Visions.” With reference from the book of Job 33:15-16 [NIV]: In a dream, in a vision of the night, when deep sleep falls on People as they slumber in their beds, he may speak in their ears and terrify them with warnings.

He taught;

I want to thank God for the time and Grace He has given us. This is what the Word of God says, we walk by faith not sight; wherever you are reading this from, you are in God’s presence. Let us get into the message of the day.

The scripture of Job 33:15-18 is talking about dreams; it says that God speaks to People in dreams and visions. While we are sleeping, the Spirit of God comes and speaks to us; one thing for sure is that a true Christian does not walk in darkness. He or she walks in the Light of God’s Spirit and is led by visions and dreams.

So, you cannot separate dreams and visions from Christians, this is because they believe in the Spiritual more than the physical –that is a true Christian. Whether you get a good or bad dream, it is a message from the Spirit of God. The Lord has given us His Spirit to discern between visions and dreams of right and wrong.

Today, I hear People say, that they do not believe in dreams because they are constantly getting bad dreams. However, for a true Christian, every dream is a message, because it is through dreams that the spiritual world warns us of what is happening or is going to happen. The problem arises when the dream is misinterpreted then that becomes a big problem to the Church.

The Church is misled when it comes to visions and dreams because of lack of proper interpretation of dreams. When you check in the book of Genesis 40, while these men had dreams, there was no one to interpret them. It was Joseph who reminded them that man does not interpret dreams but God.

His reply to them meant that dreams are an issue of the spirit not physical and it is the reason why they come in form of a spiritual language. It has never been anyone’s power to dream, if that was the case, we would all dream what we desire.

Dreams are spiritual messages to everyone [Christian or not]; whether it is good or bad. If you need someone to interpret the dream you had, do not look for a man, seek for the Spirit of God. The important question is, what dream do you have in your life that you have failed to interpret? If you do not seek the face of God to find out the true interpretation of it, you will make huge mistakes.

Man has nowhere to go if he has no dream because they are a light that flash our way. Joseph having received a dream, and his father interpreted it for him correctly; the dream began to drive him to his destiny. As long as you do not have the right interpretation of the dream you had, there is nowhere you are going.

I want to caution you, if you do not believe in the Spiritual, you can never know your life. This is because what you are in the spirit is what you manifest in the physical realm. When your dream is interpreted right by the Spirit of God, the power in the Spiritual will begin to drive you towards the dream. Because its power will direct your life, lead your steps and you will be pushed towards the perfection of the dream whether good or bad.

Joseph reminds us in Genesis 40:8 that it is only God that can interpret dreams.  You cannot move to the prosperity that you saw in your dream if you do not get the right interpretation

Dreams mean different things according to God’s Will, I mean two people can get a similar dream but when they have different meanings according to God’s Will and Time [Genesis 40:16-19]. Who can know the Mind of the Spirit if they have not sought Him to know? Who can know His path? No one knows his or her life if He is not in the Holy Spirit.

If you do not seek God, you cannot know what your dream means. We are dealing with Christ Jesus of parables and prophecy. If God be with you, He will provide you with His Spirit to know the true meaning, because every dream has a message. Only a man with the Spirit of God is the one capable of interpreting a dream.

Take note: You can have a dream or vision and its interpretation is not in your favor or is not what you expected. So, when you come to find out the interpretation, be ready to get its truth and embrace it [1Samuel 3: 15-18]. Eli knew the meaning of the dream and guided the boy. Eli knew the Lord had spoken through the boy and he was ready to hold the truth, are you?

As long as we get the right interpretation of our dreams, then we are guided to where we belong. This dream that the cup bearer had was set for Joseph to interpret -it was not a mistake that he had that dream. If Joseph had not known the proper interpretation, he would have missed God’s Time of his release. When you get a dream, inquire from the Spirit of God on these matters; why now, what does it mean and what should I do.

This is a vast message; please continue to examine yourself in this message. You are a Christian and you have dreams, do not make mistakes that have been made in the past, rather be wise by studying the footsteps of our fore fathers. Let us know that without the Spirit of God, we are going nowhere, we are walking in the dark only. May God bless His Word in the name of Jesus Christ Jesus.

Prayer: Lord Holy Spirit, I am in your presence! Please render me the wisdom and knowledge about my dreams; that I can get the right path. In Jesus’ name.

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