Inspired by the Holy Spirit during a Sunday service on the 17th March 2019 Prophet Abraham Richard Bisaso revealed about a state of impeachment that was yet to happen in the White House in America to the then incumbent President John Donald Trump.

The Prophet revealed, “I was talking about United States of America, but, even before America went for a meeting with North Korea, I had seen when that meeting had failed. And the problem was not with the leader of North Korea but America.

The world may not know where the problem is but it is the People next to President Trump. The People who are next to him are causing him to make mistakes. They are pushing it hard and I have seen a situation of impeachment being created. It is not from the opposition; it is those People next to him.

Impeachment! Sometime will travel after this presidency; in the near future America has not been good with the issues of impeachment, but it is going to begin from this time. You may think it will not affect you but wait and see, you are battling with the shilling but how about when the dollar comes in?”

Precise and perfect is the word of prophecy and revelation, because six months after Prophet Abraham Richard had revealed so, the impeachment scandal finally popped out of the confidential purse for every eye to see and every ear to hear. For a given time, this scandal had been hypothetically bubbling behind closed doors with no sparkle to ignite it.

Eventually it hit its boiling point when a whistle blower in the month of August 2019 unveiled the classified details of a phone conversation between President Donald Trump of the United States of America and President Volodymyr Zelensky of Ukraine.

 In shear insurgency, on 24th September 2019, the USA’s House of Representatives speaker Nancy Pelosi announced a formal impeachment inquiry on President Donald Trump on national television.

The role of this appointed committee was to collect enough evidence that ascertained Trump’s abuse of power as Head of state. Which other duty consisted of questioning possible witnesses.

According to the formal house impeachment inquiry committee; that commenced between the months of September and November 2019. The then incumbent Donald Trump was accused of abuse of power and obstruction of the congress.

In this the committee alleged that on the 25th July 2019, Donald Trump had phone called the newly elected Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky to congratulate him over his victory.

Apparently he also and asked him for a dirty political favour which was to investigate any illegal dealings of Hunter Biden, the son of Barack Obama’s former vice president Joe Biden.

 Literally, in 2014 during Obama’s regime, Hunter Biden became director and attorney of an energy company in Ukraine. The Inquiry committee said that Trump had done all this with an aim of ruining Joe Biden’s political image as Biden had come out to run for President against Trump in 2020.

It also alleged that in the quest to escalate this conspiracy against Joe Biden, President Trump withheld the mandated military aid that the USA provided to Ukraine.  They said, all this was done for his (Trump’s) own gain.

The inquiry committee also accused Trump of a classified conspiracy theory that Ukraine not Russia and furtively interfered with the 2016 US presidential elections that brought Donald Trump to the White House. Finally it accused Trump of obstruction of congress when he stopped and threatened his administrational officers to ignore the injunctions calling them witness against him (Trump).

After a number of hearings backed up by enough affirmative evidence, the formal impeachment inquiry committee authenticated that Donald Trump guilty of all these allegations. There it drafted an impeachment report which they sent to the USA House of Representatives commonly known as the Lower chamber for it to begin the impeachment process of John Donald Trump.

Amidst this impeachment fever commotion, during a Sunday service on 29th September 2019 the Spirit of God had a message to deliver to United States of America. This was before the impeachment motion was floored in the House of Representatives chambers. Prophet Abraham Richard Bisaso came out with Holy Spirit’s verdict about Trump’s impeachment. 

The Prophet revealed, “They have told me about Trump’s impeachment issue. I hear they want to take him out of the throne. I remember I talked about this where I prophesied and said that I see a situation of presidential impeachment in the United States of America.

So, right now they are fighting depending on their education and knowledge to kick out God’s Will. But whether they go to inquiry of impeachment, he will finish his term. And if they are not careful, the more they push it. They will be surprised in the next presidential elections. So they should not push it.”

In December 2019, the impeachment motion was floored in the House of Representatives chambers. Vociferously, with the majority of Democrats representatives in this house, Donald Trump was transitionally impeached.

However, this was not the final resolution after the lower chamber casting its impeachment vote. The House of Representative had to forward this motion to the House of Senates (Higher chamber) which was to rule out the final verdict on this issue.

On 6th January 2020 the House of Representatives passed on the impeachment dossier to the House of Senate to stamp out the final validation. It should be noted though that unlike the in the lower chambers, the higher chamber had more Republicans (Trump’s political party) than Democrats.

 On 5th February 2020, Trump’s Impeachment motion was floored and historically tallied; 52 members voted “not guilty” against 47 members who voted guilty. With two thirds of the Senate voting in favour of Trump, the impeachment trial was declared null hence President John Donald Trump was set free from all accusations.

As Isaiah 44:26 says, “I am the Lord who carries out the words of his servants and fulfils the predictions of his messengers” This is exactly what we witnessed when the Sovereign Lord fulfilled the word of His servant Prophet Abraham Richard when he said, “that they will not impeach Trump out of the White House and that he will finish up his term of office.”

This impeachment saga is a paramount lesson to every one of us in all walks of life. First, it teaches us to observe carefully those we call our allies and friends. This is because the devil will always use those close to you to mislead you like they did with Trump (Ref to the second meeting with North Korea that did not go so well in 2019).

Remember what the Bible says in Micah 7:6, “that man’s enemies are the members of his own household.” Finally it is a clear justification that God’s Will is always and will always be above human wisdom and efforts. That is why no matter what Trump’s accusers did, none of it counted to change God’s verdict.

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