Do you believe in God’s love for you?


Do you believe in God’s love for you?

Under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, Prophet Abraham Richard Bisaso vibrantly took position at the pulpit and remarked, “Thank the LORD for who you are.”

Thereafter, he steered the house of believers into the message of the day titled, “Do you believe in God’s Love for you?” With reference from the Gospel of Saint John 15:9-10, “9 As the Father has loved me, so have I loved you. Now remain in my love. “(NIV)

Picking from the scripture, the Prophet of God reechoed that the greatest command is love and that is the only gospel you as a Christian is supposed to preach. This is because everything you have comes because of love. But because you do not believe it, you have opted to speak and preach what you do not believe.

Christians of this generation just talk about scriptures of love from the Bible but do not believe God’s love for them. You only pick it from God’s Word in disbelief and then spread it out hence making People see God in bad light.

Such People talk about love; which “love” cannot inspire, heal or deliver anyone. This way the talker is not sure of the true source of love Christ Jesus. Meanings, if you are a victim to this, then you are preaching the law not the Spirit. The Spirit deals with the heart therefore do not speak what you do not do, that is hypocrisy.

The Servant of God asserted that your claiming to serve Christ is not enough evidence that you know Him. Logically, what you display will tell that your source is Christ or not.

He revealed that whatever you speak and it is not from your heart or Christ Jesus it will not change anyone. However, this has become a major problem in the Church today. The Church is talking but not practising, if only we practise what we preach, there will be no chaos in the church and in our Nations today.

Bringing more insight to this, the Prophet said that not only has the Church failed to practise what it preaches, but almost everyone who is part of it thinks that they have worked so hard to get where they are.

With this mentality many have failed to help others or even forgive them because they believe the other party is undeserving to receive anything. The reason why the church has failed is because they do not want to forgive. Similarly, when they claim they have forgiven still they do not forget how the other party offended them.

 It is only a man who is not sure of God’s love that will hesitate to love and forgive his/her neighbour. Breaking down this statement, the Prophet said that as long as you do not believe as an individual that God loves you, you will never give out that pure undefiled love of Christ Jesus.

Even when someone hurts you, you only forgive them because it is what Christians are supposed to do but you do not forget.  This means that you are still a prisoner of the past, because when you think about the individual, all the emotions of pain, hatred and offence come rushing back to your spirit. Even if you confess, “I forgive you,” you cannot dare cross paths with that person and forget what they did to you.

How then can you claim to be a man of love when you are still bound in the past? If you are that kind of Christian that finds it hard to forgive or forgives but clings onto the past, then you have never believed that God truly loves you and forgave your sins. Meaning not only are you a victim of unforgiveness but a blind prisoner of the past.

Bringing the point home the Prophet of God expounded that, clinging to the past is a clear indication that your heart is rotten. Even when you try to run away from it, it affects you. Remember every aspect of your life starts with in your spirit. There is someone you need to forgive in order for you to have a free heart. That way you will break free from whatever prison of your past life.

After forgiving the individual who has hurt you, it is paramount to reconcile and build new bridges for the sake of Love. For every Christian says that, “I forgave,” but there is no reconciliation. How is it that you can forgive but fail to reconcile? Reconciliation is a true product of forgiveness.

If our Father in Heaven comes down to reconcile with us sinners in Isaiah 1:8; who are you not to reconcile with others? Anyone who does not want to talk about what happened so as to reconcile is not a man of love; that is the devil.

Our master is telling you that He has loved you just as the Father  loves Him. Therefore, you must remain in that love. “Remain in my love” means transmitting love, forgiveness, patience, faith, inspiration etal to others when it is pure and satisfying as Christ gives it to you.

Summing up the message, Prophet Abraham Richard gave a Word of wisdom, “Love is the best prayer if you want to be saved or searching for healing, blessings, and breakthrough.  For all other miracles will fade away but God’s Love will stand thus He will forever call you His Child if you possess a free heart.”

Further scriptures: Matthew 25:31, Acts 10:1-5, Acts 9:36-42, Proverbs 3

Today being the first Sunday of the month (January), It is a day specially designated to pray for the Body of Christ. This is our role to pray for one another so that whoever is weak can be strengthened. Through this prayer, whoever needs mercy, Grace, guidance, healing or restoration can be remembered by our Heavenly Father.

As a member of the Body of Christ, let this be a part of your prayer schedule. Always pray for it because it pleases the Heavenly Father when you care for each other.


Heavenly Father, have mercy upon the Church. Forgive us. Restore us. Bandage us. Fight for us. Save us. Defend us as you defended the latter Church. Acts 12:5 (NIV)

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