The psalmist reminds us in 107:2[NIV]: Let the redeemed of the LORD tell their story -those he redeemed from the hand of the foe. Indeed, Ms. Nyachwo Suzan has a story to tell that we shall all learn from irrespective of our status.

She narrates that after giving birth, her joy was short -lived as her baby boy -the apple of her eye feel ill and died. The death of her child came with evil spirits of anger, failure, depression, sorrow, hatred and offence because of the way she perceived it.

She always complained before God saying, “Why did you have to take my child? Why do I have to go through this?”In addition to this, Ms. Suzan says that she used to get evil dreams when she is with her dead child often times. Whenever this happened, she would fall sick and the little money she had was always taken to hospital.

This would happen almost every two weeks.As if that was not enough trouble to stomach, Ms. Nyachwo says that the spirit of failure was circling around her viciously.

Whenever, she got a job, the money covered her medical expenses or she would lose her job because of the attitude she portrayed at her work place.It was months of torture and suffering as she tried to find a way out but there was nothing.

Surly, there is no mountain too high or pit too low for the God of Abraham Richard Bisaso when He is determined to save you for His glory. Under the instruction of the Holy Spirit, the Prophet was instructed to release the Divine Mercy Chain faith material to the believers.

When Ms. Nyachwo heard about this, she desperately yearned to get one due to some testimonies she had heard where People’s lives had been transformed through the Divine Mercy Chain. She registered for it believing that her time of deliverance had approached.

Once Ms. Suzan received the Divine Mercy Chain, she made a prayer saying, “God, I am tired of the situation I am going through have mercy upon me and deliver me.” Immediately, she received her healing for the Spirit of God knows no boundaries but faith.

Right now, Ms. Nyachwo is a free woman enjoying her life in the name of Christ Jesus. She neither gets dreams when she is with her dead child nor does she get impromptu sicknesses. She also enjoys and loves being around Children.

Indeed, Ms. Nyachwo is enjoying her free life but all glory and honour goes back to the God of Prophet Abraham Richard who transformed her life using the Divine Mercy Chain as a point of contact.

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