Dedication of Children:


Dedication of Children:

It was a celestial atmosphere at True Vine Communion Ministries for all Nations headquarters in Kampala – Uganda as parents and guardians queued up to dedicate their children to the Sovereign Lord. In a fatherly rapture, the Prophet of God, Abraham Richard Bisaso expounded the essence of dedicating of the children to God.

Quoting from the book of 1Samuel 1:24-28: I prayed for this child, and the LORD has granted me what I asked of him. So now I give him to the LORD. For his whole life he shall be given over to the LORD. And he worshipped the LORD there.(NIV) The Prophet made it clear that amongst your children, one does not belong to you but God. As Samuel was dedicated to the LORD so should our children. Remember what the LORD commands that; “all first fruits are mine.”

 He ascertained that, in every family, there is a child taken and sacrificed to the LORD and the whole family is blessed through him/ her. On this, the Prophet cited an example of Mary and Joseph who had other biological children after Jesus. However, it was only Jesus who was dedicated to serve the Heavenly Father thus the whole family was blessed through Him.

To the guardians and Parents, Prophet Abraham Richard Bisaso articulated that it is true that some of your children were prophesied even before you gave birth to them. This though does not make them righteous; this is why they need spiritual dedication to the LORD. Look at our master Jesus; His birth was without doubt prophesied, however, His parents never hesitated to dedicate Him before the LORD because is the way of the Spirit. (Luke 2:21-29) The Prophet added that some children behave strangely because the parents have un-cleared debts with God. This explains why many of the prayers we make for them are futile.

Today, many parents claim to have given their children to God but are not willing to let God guide or fully own the children. They allege to have given God their children yet they still want them for themselves. On this note, the Prophet paused a question to the attentive parents and guardians; can an offering given to God be taken back? This is what the parents do not understand; it is not God who is raising these children, it is the world. Look at your children; do you see blessings or frustration? Truth be told, it is the parents who have turned out to be the real problem to their children, for they have dedicated them to the world instead of dedicating them to God.

Summing up this family – tailored message, the Prophet called upon the parents and guardians to see their children fully dedicated to God not only in mere words but in all things. Hence, allowing God to do with them what He requires. Every child comes with a blessing from God yet if he/she is not dedicated to Him this blessing will be snatched by the evil one. So let this act of dedication be a point of reconciliation in the line of His covenant; the Prophet concluded.

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