To every question that is bothering you, there is a man called Christ Jesus who has not only the answer but an everlasting solution through His designated Servants. Mr. Kagimu Peter attests that never did he think in a million years, an encounter with Prophet Abraham Richard would bring mega transformation in his life.

He narrated that he was going through a situation that was seemingly normal when looked at physically. However, because it kept bothering him within, he sought the Spirit of God to get to its roots. Mr. Peter was incapable of being in a relationship for a long time.

He always found reasons that never made sense; even to him-but something always prompted him to end any relationship he was in. In addition to this, he was also facing an issue of masturbation.

As he sent forth his prayer request, Christ Jesus, used His designated Servant, Abraham Richard to bring the good news of deliverance and healing to this gentleman. As it is that the Spirit of God is not stopped by distance, in his encounter with the Prophet during the one on one prayer session via the zoom portal, the light of Christ Jesus did shine upon his life.

The Spirit of God through Prophet Abraham Richard revealed to Mr. Peter that there was evil involved and it started while he was in his teenage years. In addition to that, the Prophet said that this evil spirit did not want to see Mr. Peter have any progress -it wanted him all to itself; being very possessive of him. That is why he was incapable of being in a relationship and even his prayer life was almost nonexistent. 

This evil spirit came along with poverty, evil spiritual women [sleeping with him at night] and self-isolation. “This you are going through, is what your father is going through also,” the Prophet concluded.

All this was affirmed to be true by Mr. Peter because there is no progress in all the four corners of his life [spiritual, finances, relationship and health]. Plus, his parents who are divorced for over ten years and his father not settled down with anything.  

After this prophetic encounter as per the Will of God, the Prophet prayed for this gentleman and he was delivered in the name of Christ Jesus.  He narrated that during prayer, he saw a hand touching his chest and felt things come out of him. “I was feeling heavy but after the prayer, I now feel light,” he happily confirmed.

This gentleman testifies that he sees light in what he does, everything has changed all because of the Grace and Mercy of God. What started as a question of relationships and masturbation ended up in uprooting the footprints of satan from the life of Mr. Peter as it was in the gospel of Mark 5:1-16.

Glory and honor goes back to the LORD Almighty.

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