Continued-The Word and the Spirit


Continued-The Word and the Spirit

Proof text: Acts 8:26-39
Prophet Abraham Richard Bisaso

Reading the Word of God and understanding it will provide a platform for the Spirit of God to rest upon you. In this, you will be able to do the work and to know God’s Will about everything. However, it all comes from having the Word of God that the Spirit of God sits upon.

How should I read this Word of God? Because many of us read it but we are unable to do great, to be where we dream to be or know God’s Will about all things around us.

This is how to read it!                      

Read the Word of God with humbleness and carefulness-that should be the attitude in your heart while holding the Word of God in your hands.

In that humbleness and carefulness, the Spirit of God will see that attitude in your heart and He will assist you to understand what you are reading. Remember, you cannot understand God’s Word by your mind, intellect, world’s wisdom, friends or your pastor. You understand God’s Word by His Spirit assisting you.

When you do understand that little you are reading, automatically the Spirit of God will come upon you. I repeat, understanding what you are reading and listening to in the Word of God – automatically the Spirit of God will come upon you.

Many of us want to read the Bible, listen and understand but we do not understand. The moment we begin to read that is when we start yawning or get distracted by things happening around us whereas we are in the Word of God.

At the end of the day, you just drop the Bible anywhere reason being there is evil filled in your heart and spirit. So, evil is pushing out the Word of God; that is why you cannot concentrate.

All this can be solved by; before you read the Word of God, you need deliverance first. He that has delivered you will then position you how to read. He will then explain to you what you are reading. Then you will see God’s Will, you will be touched and feel satisfied in your heart and spirit in the name of Jesus Christ.

May the LORD bless you as you read God’s Word with humbleness, openness and carefulness so that you can be born again. In the name of Jesus Christ.

Remember, if you want to be born again, it is as a result of the Word plus the Spirit of God.

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