Clean your heart:


Clean your heart:

By Prophet Abraham Richard Bisaso:

Wisdom is not found from reading books alone but by observing your surrounding also; that being said, take a look at your hands. These hands represent the heart; since the hands are always dirty so are our hearts. 

As we constantly wash the hands to keep them clean, as Christians, we should do more than washing hands merely. Let us do it as a sign of repentance because we understand that the Spirit of God resides in the heart.

The truth is; there is nobody who is not dirty in the heart, the things we meditate on alone can defile your heart.

 As believers, there is a need to have fear and reverence for the LORD in our hearts. If we do not do so, we are wasting time calling ourselves believers yet the fear of the LORD, is the beginning of Wisdom [Proverbs 1:7].

Today, Christians say that they fear the LORD but the actions say a different story. For example right now, we are constantly washing our hands because of fear of the spread of the pandemic. However, how many instructions has the LORD given us and we have failed to comply to because we have many reasons?

The fact that we are more obedient to the instructions of the world than God’s, is a sign that we do not fear Him at all. But between God and the world, who should you fear? Fear God [Luke 12:4-5]. The fear of the LORD is having reverence for Him everyday.

A Christian should never do things because the World is doing them, do it because God has told you to; the example of washing hands, do it while praying and cleaning your heart before you step into His presence. The hands; get into contact with everything dirty and so is the heart. Before you know it, the heart, is defiled by offence, meditations of what we see or hear, etc which is the same as our hands.  

No one is clean before the LORD. Let us wash our hands for the sake of God – repentance. The Spirit of God does not care how many times we wash our hands as long as we are crying for purity of heart. “Until you hear Him say that you are free, keep on washing.”

As Christians, I will caution you again, do not do anything because the World is doing or watching, do it because your heart is convicted by the Holy Spirit. Remember, everything is done in and from the heart. The most important miracle is for our hearts to be free.

For  a free heart receives the Holy Spirit, The Kingdom of Christ, Peace and a hearing attitude to the voice of God. Meaning, the moment you are the opposite, expect satan and all his demons to dominate.

Prayer: LORD Christ Jesus, as you did was the heart of your servant – Prophet David [Psalm 51:7], wash my heart too. Father, in obedience of your Word, I prophetically wash my hands in repentance. Purify my heart that I may hear your Spirit’s voice in my life. In Jesus’ name

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