Sprouting with Heavenly joy and wisdom was Ms. Kaitesi Judith of Salye –Buikwe District, stood tall to witness for the Omnipotent, Omnipresent and Omniscient God of Prophet Abraham Richard Bisaso. Ms. Kaitesi said that when the world locked down it’s every institution due to the COVID 19 pandemic; so did her office/job as a cleaner at St. Gerald; a local primary school in her locality. However, there is only one institution that never closed; that is the Holy Spirit and that is where she ran to.

Ms. Kaitesi narrated that after she had lost her job, she came to the Prayer Mountain at Luwombo in Buikwe District- Uganda. There she made a plea to the LORD; petitioning Him to give her a fine job that will glorify HIM. She says that no sooner had she left the Prayer Mountain, than she heard a calm voice speaking side her, telling her to join tailoring.

Ms. Kaitesi said that never in her life had she thought of tailoring or had she practiced it anywhere. However, she believed that the voice speaking to her was the Holy Spirit for she was coming from a Holy sanctuary. So she vowed to venture into tailoring, but first she had to learn tailoring somewhere, somehow.

The young lady explained that this is how she began looking for a local tailoring school within her vicinity so as to per take her destiny.  Hither, she began moving to various tailoring schools till she landed on a polite elderly tailor, who was willing to teach her at a low fee.

With this at hand; Ms. Kaitesi agreed with the elderly tailor that she was to pay her tailoring fees in installments since she was not financially stable. They had also agreed that the course was to last 12months and that she was to be part of a group of other maidens who were also learning the same course.

She recollected that the first days at the tailoring school were so troublesome for her, to the extent that she thought of quitting. Hardly could she grasp anything the tutor taught.  She noted that at one point, she could not even figure out how to saddle the learners’ sewing machine.

However, she remembered that if it was God who guided her to this then there was no way she could lose at this. (Philippians 1:6) That instant, a thought came to her to go back to the Prayer Mountain and report her challenges to her God.

While at the Prayer Mountain, Ms. Kaitesi picked an irregular stone and prayed saying. “Lord God of Prophet Abraham Richard, I believe that Your Spirit that hovered on the waters in the Genesis story is present here at the Prayer Mountain. I know it dwells on everything here at the Prayer Mountain; even on this irregular stone. May Your Spirit help me in my tailoring course.”  She testified that after this prayer, she took the stone and put it on her sewing machine with faith.

Ms. Kaitesi said that very night she had a dream, and in this dream she saw the Servant of God Prophet Abraham Richard seated on her learners’ sewing machine guiding her on how to sew using the sewing machine. With gratitude, Ms. Kaitesi explained that the moment she had that dream, she received divine wisdom on sewing and tailoring. Since then her skills in tailoring improved exceedingly.

Everything began working out miraculously, to the point that her skills amazed even her tutor.  She said her tutor once commented that “how come you have learnt so fast and so skillfully compared to the other students who joined this course before you?” Ms. Kaitesi ascertained this to be true because in just six months of her twelve months course, her works where finer than her co-students. Not to mention, she now has a number of loyal customers who prefer her skillful tailoring to any other tailor in her locality.

 She said that she had attained all this not because of her wisdom or righteousness; but through the mercies of the God of Prophet Abraham Richard. With this, she advised everyone to always trust in the Lord Christ Jesus, for He never forsakes those that look up to Him.

Glory and honour back to Jesus the living Son of God.

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