“Children’s day out.”


“Children’s day out.”

From a distance you could hear their laughter and playful chanting as they rhymed their Sunday school songs. At a closer range, you could not miss to see the young blood all dressed up for this special day in blue T-shirts with “Love is the Greatest” – (1 Corinthians 13:13). They gathered in harmony under the fellowship of the Holy Spirit and blessed God for this spectacular day the Lord had made for them. The calendar was reading 4th December 2016 and it was “The Children’s Day Out.” Unlike other days and outings they have ever had, this one was a memorable day for True Vine Communion for all Nations Sunday School for they were expecting someone special; a visitor with a very special message. From at least two years to the energetic teenagers, they all filled up the reserved venue to dance and dine in the name of Jesus Christ.  Black, white, coloured and from various homes and schools, they all dwelled in love; with older ones taking care of the infants confirming what Apostle Paul says in 1Corinthians 12:23; “and the parts that we think are less Honorable we treat with special honour.”

In their various age regiments they played competitively in given games and races with emerging winners scooping prizes courtesy of Love. Among those were bottle filling, sack race, dancing competitions, modeling and singing, story-telling and poems among others. Soon it was time for sharing eats and drinks. Like the house of Israel; from Reuben the eldest to Benjamin the youngest; all the children gathered up in a very big circle as God’s big family to enjoy this big delicious meal. Hardly had everyone settled down to eat and drink their shares than the awaited visitor -Prophet Abraham Richard Bisaso arrived at the venue. Indeed as the Bible says that, blessed is he that comes in the name of the Lord- Luke 19:38. True was it, as the children like the elders in Kabale District where Prophet Abraham Richard Bisaso had just returned a month or so back, could not hide their joy of having the Heaven’s ambassador in their midst. Like the mid -morning sun you could see the glowing excitement on their faces as they giggled while pointing at the Prophet. Interestingly, some little ones who had just taken out their milk teeth had diligently kept them and instantly ran to their good friend the Prophet to show off the gaps in their gums. Because love and faith do not disappoint, the teeth owners too were not disappointed for Prophet Abraham Richard Bisaso gave a special penny to the later and promised to keep their teeth safely.

As Luke 19:16 says; but Jesus called the children and said, Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these.” So it came to pass after the lunch break was done the Prophet joined the little ones in play. Through the hands raised trail together they sang, “Ekyumakyalimueggundo, kyalimueggundo…” loosely translated, “The train rail has many routes.” From there to the swings, here the Prophet sat on various swings to enjoy a ride with his little friends. Screams of joy took on the park as many little ones could help laughing and shouting seeing the Prophet swing along with them yet to others he pushed and rolled the swings himself. Thereafter, they all settled down, and he led them to sharing the Word of God. From the book Matthew 1& 2, the Man of God thoroughly explained the story of Jesus’ birth to his little congregation who listened attentively and curiously. Being an excellent teacher that he is, the Prophet then welcomed those that had understood from his sharing to come and share what they had learnt with their brethren. With that finished, he then gave out presents to the Children and also advised them to make Jesus Christ their role model in all they do.

Soon it was time to say goodbye but before that, they had one final meal to share which was none other than a Christmas cake. Pilling up their little hands upon the Prophet’s hand and at the count of three they cut the cake. The Prophet himself cut it down to pieces and gave everyone present a piece. After this, it was time to shake and dance for Jesus and everyone was at the dance floor pulling out their best strokes all for Jesus. Out of this excitement the Prophet wrapped up the beautiful day with a prayer of God’s blessings and the little ones said Amen. From a distance, God was watching and smiling; yet at a closer rage, the Holy Spirit was in the midst as everyone prepared to leave for home and tell this timely tale to those he/she had left at home.

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