Mr. Kitamirike Pious, of Kasinsi- Buikwe district witnessed for Christ Jesus, his testimony is proof enough that it is only by Jesus’ stripes that we are healed. (1 Peter2:24)  With the Holy Spirit confidence, Mr. Kitamirike recollected that it was in the year of 2017 when he started feeling severe pain in his legs. At

I could not sit for twenty minutes:

My name is Magala Joan of Luwafu Makindye. I encountered the Prophet of God, Abraham Richard Bisaso for the first time during the video Prayer chat room service on 17th May 2020. At that time, I was having a serious backache for three weeks, to the extent I was unable to sit in any place

They tried to compress my body with hot water:

Ms. Naluyiima Hadijah of Bweyogerere- Kampala testified for the God of Abraham Richard Bisaso, who turned her agony into smiles. She narrates that, she had a normal delivery to a beautiful baby girl. However, a week later she began experiencing labour pains again. When the labour pains came again, her attendees used the hot water

Gone are the chilly nights, leaking roofs and scornful insults:

In adoration, Ms. Nabuukera Cissy of Buikwe District testified for the wonder working God of Prophet Abraham Richard Bisaso. She narrates, “During the 2018, ‘Let’s come back to God Conference,’ the Prophet prophesied that Buikwe region where I reside is going to develop. I never thought this word was meant for me. However, a year

I was delivered from an evil spirit of eating dead people:

Firm like the foundations of Jerusalem, Ms. Namwembe Sumayiah from Luwombo in Buikwe District testified for the ever merciful God of Prophet Abraham Richard Bisaso, who snatched her like a burning stick out of fire. She said, “I am truly grateful for this God because He redeemed me out of the dungeons of evil that

“I have been bed wetting for fifteen years.”

Fifteen years of bed wetting is not a cup of tea but a sponge full of bitter vinegar mixed with embarrassment and remorse.  On this note, Brother Paul Ssajjabi of Masajja- Wakiso stood tall before the house of believers to testify for the God of Prophet Abraham to Richard Bisaso, whose mighty hand evicted that

My neighbour, my guardian Angel:

Prologue: Ms. Nabaggala Mai and Ms. Nakintu Madina have a testimony that will take your breath away. It is the kind of a testimony that every Christian must hear about. As a matter of fact there is something special about it that will make your heart glow, that is Love. Which Love never runs out of


At the beginning of the year 2020, the Prophet of God, Abraham Richard Bisaso revealed about the eternal values of forgiveness and reconciliation.  With this, he launched a new wave of forgiving and reconciling with our neighbours, families and everyone else we could have wronged. To the world, this revelation could seem like any other

After reconciliation came my dream job.

In high gear and vibrant with the joy of the Holy Spirit , Mr. Mulinda Davis of Kigo- Wakiso District testified for the God of Prophet Abraham Richard Bisaso; the Great I AM who never sleeps nor slumber. He narrated that, it was on 31st of 2019 when he received the Word of God from