Let there be a testimony

The good news is that the LORD is willing to revive your faith through a testimony because a testimony in a Christian’s life energizers faith in God. This whole week, I have been praying for your testimonies – Prophet Abraham Richard Bisaso proclaimed. Remember that there is no mountain that God has not climbed.  HOW

How to tame a drunkard husband.

With impeccable zeal and gratitude, Mr. Onawe John Francis from Kabowa – Kampala testified for the good shepherd – Christ Jesus whose staff and mercy; rescued him from the valley of drunkenness in which he had walked for a decade then. Mr. Onawe narrated that his desire for alcohol began during his youthful days; little

After Jubilee then came Season.

With a mother’s pride yet with gratitude to the God of Hannah, Ms. Nansamba Francisca from Konge –Kampala testified for the miracle working hand of Christ Jesus. The truth is, just like Hannah in 1Samuel:1. Ms. Nansamba is no ordinary mother but a miracle mother. From memory lane, Ms. Nansamba narrated her story and said

“Once a doubter now a Believer.”

.After a long time of being covered in an egocentric blindfold, Mr. Ssebugenyi Henry from Bunga-Kampala finally acknowledged that there is no other god than the God of True Vine Communion Ministries for all Nations. With adoration, he testified for this amazing God; yet to a true believer this was a lesson to learn. He

“The defeat of a marine Spirit.”

Ms. Nankwaga Hidiat’s condition is better off imagined than experienced, for everyday when the sunset, her freedom went down with it. But that was before she met Prophet Abraham Richard Bisaso. She testifies today for the Living God who works and speaks through his Prophet. Since 2014, she was a daily victim of horrible nightmares

“Poor grades stamped good.”

Dressed in her school uniform and glowing with success, Sister Nassuna Sauda from Gangu- Wakiso testified for the true fountain of wisdom who is none other than the God of Prophet Abraham Richard Bisaso. With tears of joy rolling from her eyes, she narrated the grace- redeeming story that began in 2016 while in form

“Dollar, dollars and more dollars.”

Philippians 4:19, “And my God will meet all your needs according to his glorious riches in Christ Jesus.” It is without doubt that God is as true as His word. In the year 2014 a confused and very poor girl by the name of Kyomuhangi Fiona met the Prophet of God Abraham Richard Bisaso at

“Meet the girl behind the graduation gown.”

Flamboyantly dressed in her graduation gown and fresh from the “Ivory tower,” Ms. Abwooli Priscilla stood to testify for the amazing grace of the God of Abraham Richard. With a deep sigh Ms Abwooli exclaimed, “I thank the God of Abraham Richard Bisaso because I have made it to my miracle, See! I have been

“The Widow’s secret.”

Every widow has a sad story to tell and Ms. Akuno Budde was no exception until she came to True Vine Communion Ministries for All Nations. Overwhelmed with joy, she narrated how God changed her life story the moment she encountered Prophet Abraham Richard Bisaso. Ms. Akuno explained that throughout her years in marriage, she

“God knows your situation.”

 Mr. Obonyo Silver could not miss walking down memory lane as he stood to testify for the wonder working God of Abraham Richard Bisaso. He recounts that before he joined True Vine Communion Ministries for all Nations his biography was full of sad chapters; the railway company he was working for was facing financial constrict.