I asked for a divorce,I ended up pregnant:

Smiling like a new dawn and holding her one year old boy, was Ms. Nalwanga Moureen of Kabowa -Kampala. With enthuse; she too like many others testified for the God of Prophet Abraham Richard Bisaso, whose mercies are countless like sand in the sea. She narrated that, for a long time, she always heard people

Who Am I, a poor widow to own a car?

After losing her husband, Ms. Akuno Bude of Kajjansi – Wakiso never expected her life to be any better. However, that was her own thinking, not God’s verdict. Isaiah 40:31 says: but those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagle. So was it with Ms. Akuno

No more evil headaches:

With a face of relief, Ms. Namuli Annet of Masajja – Wakiso District expressed her gratitude to the God who reveals to save; the God of Prophet Abraham Richard Bisaso. She started by saying, “I thank the LORD for healing me from an evil headache.” Ms. Namuli articulated that these anonymous headaches started off a

I see your wedding.

Every wedding has a branding; when it came to Mr. and Mrs. Omuha’s wedding, theirs was branded “HOLY SPIRIT.” With vigour and valour of the Holy Spirit, Mrs. Rebecca Omuha of Ttula, Kawempe – Kampala testified for the ever faithful God of Abraham Richard Bisaso; who wrote and directed every part of her wedding. Mrs.

The power of forgiveness:

Forgiveness is a hymn written by the hands of God and when played on the frequencies of our hearts, the Heavens dance. Ms. Kamusiime Jona of Kabowa – Kampala attests to this as she had always been blind about the power of forgiveness, for had she known, her afflictions and oppression would not have lasted

You can run, but you cannot hide:

Rising like the Phoenix, Ms. Kayaga Monica of Kabowa- Kampala testified for the amazing God of Prophet Abraham Richard Bisaso, whose love endures forever. She narrated that she had a small scale business of food vendoring that she was carrying out; however, it was not bringing in any profits. She clarified that in this clumsy

I used to eat my own mucus:

They say “old habits die hard,” but that is only when Jesus is not on the scene; the moment He surfaces every one of them becomes ash. Nevertheless, some entrapments look so normal to be noticed by mortal eyes, unless one has a spiritual magnifying lens which is only built by the Holy Spirit. On this

I tried to commit suicide:

While testifying for the big God of Prophet Abraham Richard Bisaso, Sister Nalubega Halima of Makindye- Kampala exclaimed, “I am alive today only because of God.” She narrated and said that ever since she was young, she always dreamt of a man who wanted to kill her. As time went on, this dream began manifesting

My job is my testimony:

In this season of testimonies, Ms. Kasemiire Joyce of Namuwongo – Kampala stands tall, ready and willing to testify for the one true God. She said, “I thank God for the great things He has done in my life.”  She narrated that she came to True Vine Ministries for all Nations in 2017. By then,