Prophetic message by Seer Abraham Richard Bisaso! Believer, whatever you are going to learn today, you will realize it is a revelation from God; today many of you are having sleepless nights because of debts. But, what is God saying about it? Let us take a study in the Holy Scriptures in Matthew 6:14: For

What is your vision?

By Seer Abraham Richard Bisaso via zoom. Let us take a reading from the Holy Word of God, Amos 3:3: Do two walk together unless they have agreed to do so? I assure you Child of God, where there is no vision from God; you will perish [Hosea 4:6]. But the most important question is;

You are a Child of God!

On 10th June 2020, under the instruction of the Holy Spirit, the Prophet spoke to the believers from Zoom medium platform. Proof text: Psalm 36:5-12. Psalm 36:5-12: Your love, LORD, reaches to the heavens, your faithfulness to the skies. [NIV] The psalmist who wrote this prayer had recongised and understood that God is the only

Clean your heart:

By Prophet Abraham Richard Bisaso: Wisdom is not found from reading books alone but by observing your surrounding also; that being said, take a look at your hands. These hands represent the heart; since the hands are always dirty so are our hearts.  As we constantly wash the hands to keep them clean, as Christians,

What Jesus wants me to do-part 2:

Proof text: Matthew 5: 43-48 [NIV] – By Prophet Abraham Richard Bisaso. Recollecting from the previous message, as inspired by the Holy Spirit, Prophet Abraham Richard Bisaso reminded again the children of God of the three persons that Christians must take care of; our fellow Christian brothers, neighbours and those who persecute us.  He revealed

Allow God to defend you-Part 2:

Proof Text: Luke 4:9-12 By Prophet Abraham Richard Bisaso. As guided by the Spirit of God, we are still continuing with the previous message “Allow God to defend you” Therefore; take it as a privilege to receive this message. Child of God, look at Daniel and the Apostles, God defended them because they let Him

Allow God to defend you-Part 1

Proof text: Luke 4:3, Daniel 3:16-18 By Prophet Abraham Richard Bisaso. As a Servant of God, I have noticed one thing that is eating up Christians today; you so much want to prove to the world that you are Christians. A true Christian knows who they are in Christ. So, do not fight hard for

There is nobody who is not attacked by satan:

Proof text: Luke 4:1-7 Prophet Abraham Richard Bisaso Believer, the times you are going through, I know about them. Whatever you are going through, I pray that God will sustain you. However, all in all, I want you to know that at all times, Christians are attacked but their only weapon is prayer and dedication

Continued-The Word and the Spirit

Proof text: Acts 8:26-39 Prophet Abraham Richard Bisaso Reading the Word of God and understanding it will provide a platform for the Spirit of God to rest upon you. In this, you will be able to do the work and to know God’s Will about everything. However, it all comes from having the Word of

The Word and the Spirit:

Have you ever asked yourself why sometimes you are filled up with the Holy Spirit and the next minute He is gone? This happens because the Holy Spirit has nothing to feed on the very moment He dwells in you. The Spirit feeds on the Word and if the Word is not in you, He