“Building a fine house.”


“Building a fine house.”


Under the instruction of his father in Lord Prophet Abraham Richard Bisaso, Minister Henry Tendo Kaaya took his position at the pulpit and led the believers into the message of the day titled; “Building a fine house.” With reference from the book from the book of Ephesians 2:19-21;“…built on the foundation of the apostles and prophets, with Christ Jesus himself as the chief cornerstone…” (NIV)  The minister noted that every believer in the gospel has a duty given to them in the Kingdom of God. We are all builders in the Kingdom, but the question is what are you building or adding on this foundation. This foundation that we are building on is Christ Himself and it was laid by Apostles and Prophets. Therefore it is of great value to understand that Prophets as well as Apostles will forever be key figures in this gospel.

Referencing to the Prophecy as prophesied by Prophet Abraham Richard Bisaso that; this coming season the rugged stone is coming back to hit all nations in round two: and only Christians are only going to be safe. On this note, the Minister paused an individual question to the congregation that,“Are you a Christian? The stone is going to hit again but the only safe person this time round is a Christian. There is a difference between being called a Christian and being a true Christian. A true Christian is that one who believes Christ with all his heart and abides to all He commands him to do.Today however, many people claim to be Christians but when the going gets tough they confess otherwise. These are kind who only go to church on Christmas day or Easter day and those who keep appearances concocting to be Christians in their homesteads yet they have never known the real Christ. If you are this kind of self-claim Christian you will not escape the wrath of this rugged stone this coming season, the minister emphasised; simply because you rejected the capstone –Christ Himself from the start and instead you embraced the world.

Breaking down this prophecy, Minister Henry Tendo Kaaya expounded that Christ Jesus is the corner stone of church; the stone that was rejected by the world and “the rugged stone” as per the prophecy. He added that Christ Jesus is the greatest prophecy of all times but the world has stubbornly and blindly missed out to understand this great revelation. From the beginning of time God has always wrapped prophecy with doubt and it is only His children that will see past this wrapper of doubt and are saved. So if you want to be safe from being hit by the rugged stone this season, strengthen your faith and relationship on the  ancient foundation-Christ Jesus.

Borrowing from the words of Apostle Paul in the book of 1Corthians 3:9-14, the minister said that the time of testing is now and whatever we have built is going to be shaken (hit) and the real you will be exposed. As Christians and builders in the Heavenly kingdom, whatever you build with here on earth (love,forgiveness, faith, and charity) is what will be used to build your mansion in Heaven. This is the only way a Christian can build a fine house; a house that will not be hit by the rugged stone, a house on the foundation Christ. Remember, Prophecy comes with two sides; to bless and to destroy. When you welcome Prophecy it blesses you but when you doubt it, it will cut you.

Prayer: See me through this season Lord Christ Jesus.

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