Son of David have mercy!

In one accord, the believers led by the Prophet of God Abraham Richard Bisaso worshipped whole heartedly together as they laid down their hearts to the King of kings and Lord of lords. Amidst the harmonious worship, the Prophet taught the believers a very valuable lesson in regards to coming before the Lord.  He noted

I thought.

As believers gathered to worship the Holy One of Israel, the choir clothed in Grace, led the house to the throne of mercy, healing and deliverance. In Spirit filled worship, nobody was left without a difference in the four corners of their lives. Amidst the worship, Minister Henry Tendo Kaaya under the instruction of his

You need help, call for it.

Amidst a prayer cloud that hovered over the pool of healing, Prophet Abraham Richard Bisaso took his position at the pulpit to perfect what he was born to do. With the Holy Spirit insight he remarked, “There are two things I have observed; one, claiming that you possess faith when it is feeling. In the

God can use your talent.

Like a daughter of the Heavens, under the instruction of her father in the Lord Prophet Abraham Richard Bisaso, Minister Mugide Philo took position at the pulpit and her first remarks were; “I thank the Lord that I am here today positioned to deliver this special message to you.” Upon this, she led the believers

Judge not.

Amidst soulful worship led by the choir, Prophet Abraham Richard Bisaso gracefully took his position at the pulpit. His first remarks were, “Begin to thank the Lord for the Grace He has given you through this week. It has not been your strength or ability but Grace.” Recapping the prayer of Wednesday-6th February 2019, the

How to tame a drunkard husband.

With impeccable zeal and gratitude, Mr. Onawe John Francis from Kabowa – Kampala testified for the good shepherd – Christ Jesus whose staff and mercy; rescued him from the valley of drunkenness in which he had walked for a decade then. Mr. Onawe narrated that his desire for alcohol began during his youthful days; little

I am learning something.

By the Grace of God, Prophet Abraham Richard Bisaso took position at the pulpit and began releasing wisdom to the congregation with a message titled; “I am learning something.” He noted that God delights in small beginnings, if you cannot display your honesty with the little you have, you will not do it tomorrow. What

After Jubilee then came Season.

With a mother’s pride yet with gratitude to the God of Hannah, Ms. Nansamba Francisca from Konge –Kampala testified for the miracle working hand of Christ Jesus. The truth is, just like Hannah in 1Samuel:1. Ms. Nansamba is no ordinary mother but a miracle mother. From memory lane, Ms. Nansamba narrated her story and said

“The power of revelation.”

Minister Henry Tendo Kaaya under the instruction of his father in the Lord Prophet Abraham Richard Bisaso, took position at the pulpit and his first remarks were, “we are going into prayer.” The minister acknowledged that however much we are going to pray, we must pray with revelation. Without revelation, we are just religious men

“Once a doubter now a Believer.”

.After a long time of being covered in an egocentric blindfold, Mr. Ssebugenyi Henry from Bunga-Kampala finally acknowledged that there is no other god than the God of True Vine Communion Ministries for all Nations. With adoration, he testified for this amazing God; yet to a true believer this was a lesson to learn. He