Under the instruction of their father in the LORD Prophet Abraham Richard Bisaso, Evangelists Mugide Philo and Nakirijja Sharon welcomed the believers who were tuned in on TVC Radio from all over the world.

Thereafter, they led the believers into the message of the day from the Prayer Mountain titled:

Believing in the One Sent.

Scriptural reference, John 12:35, 45-49, “The one who looks at me is seeing the one who sent me. I have come into the world as light, so that no one who believes in me should stay in darkness. If anyone hears my words but does not keep them, I do not judge that person. For I did not come to judge the world, but to save the world.”  Inspired by the Holy Spirit, they taught:

“This is the season where the Servant of God, Prophet Abraham Richard, led us into a prophetic prayer where we were asking the Light of Jesus to dominate us. Truth be told, we have heard a testimony based on that prayer; so, what does that mean to us? It means we should do what the Prophet instructs us to do because he is not talking on his own. If we do as he says, we shall be walking in the light.

This is now a personal question –do you trust the Light that has been sent before you? Prophet John the Baptist said that the Light of Jesus is here. Even today, Light walks among us but it will not work unless we trust it. Trusting this Light is what will make us bear fruit. Look at the miracles Christ Jesus did yet He was walking in body. These miracles are recorded to help us believe. If we do not believe in this Light, then we are walking in darkness.

According to what we have read in the scripture, we should believe in the one sent to us then it will help us walk with the Light. Meaning if we believe in the spoken word of the Prophet of God, then we will walk in the Light of Jesus for we would have believed in the One He has sent to us. The Word given unto us is the Light to guide our feet [Psalm 109:105].

If we can trust a taxi-driver to drive you from Buikwe to Kampala when you have never met him, why not trust Jesus and His Light to take you to Heaven? Trusting Jesus is obeying what Christ has told us.

If we are commanded to practise charity, and we do not, then, we are not children of Light. Our biggest problem is not doing what Christ has told us to do yet we want God to do for us what we want. The scripture says He will not judge himself but the Word He has sent will. To you that wants to a child just admit and say, “Lord I am in wrong have mercy upon me.”  Do not forget that God is a Spirit and He is faithful to His Word but we mortal men are not.

Remember, all the testimonies we have heard are to help us to trust in the One doing all these. The more we walk in His footsteps then we shall not stumble but we shall be called children of God. We thank God for this message, because, it is not here to judge but for us to put ourselves right with Him.”

We believe that you have been blessed with this Message child of God and you have picked something. Right now, in the name of Christ Jesus begin to command the light of Jesus in your spirit, life, finances, health, family and flash out every obstacle that is failing you to do what is right in the name of Jesus.

Prayer: Light of Jesus, flash in the four corners of my life and flash out every obstacle that is failing me to do what is right.

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