Be concerned about your neighbour and your community:


Be concerned about your neighbour and your community:

Under the authority of His master Christ Jesus, Prophet Abraham Richard Bisaso took position at the pulpit and led the believers into a prayer. In his words, he said, “Ask the LORD to forgive you, give you the grace to forgive yourself and to also forgive those who have hurt you.”  Thereafter, the Prophet ushered the believers into the message of the day titled, “Be concerned about your neigbours and community.”

Referring from the book of Hebrews: 5:11-14: We have much to say about this, but it is hard to explain because you are slow to understand (NIV).  The Prophet then revealed that, the spiritual has a lot to teach us but we (Christians) have deliberately hindered this, because we have failed to acknowledge the core of Christianity which is love. This is why we have become spiritual dwarfs yet we would have been spiritually mature by now. It is only increasing in love that shows spiritual maturity.

If you want God’s attention, you should learn to take care of someone. The Prophet disclosed that, God feels good to see you carry someone’s burden.  It is not all about fasting and praying too much, but doing acts of love to those in need. Before you go into fasting, think first about your neigbour that has a torn shirt. This will be a divine sign that you are spiritually mature.

Breaking this spiritual bread for the seven Churches, Prophet Abraham Richard Bisaso high lightened that many times we go before God with our own selfish requests and forget to pray for our neigbours. This is a clear sign that we are not mature in spirit at all, for it the duty of mature Christians to care of their neigbours and the community at large.  Your neighbours are not only your friends and family, but that poor, sick or lonely person you by pass every day.  

On this he magnified that, if you carry your neighbour’s prayer request to your prayer mat amidst your own challenges, and God answers it, get to know HE has already answered your own prayers and petitions. He expounded that, we do not show love or care only by giving money but also carrying our neighbour’s prayer requests to God.

Remember, true prosperity is not having money on your bank account, but it is the number of people depending on you. The Prophet added that, God can never rejuvenate and witness for your anointing if you do not take concern about your neigbours and the community.

Sadly though, Christians today fear to give because they claim that people will hurt or betray them in return. The Prophet of God noted that, if we fear to love because we are sacred of being betrayed, it means our love is self seeking. True love expects nothing when helping others.

 Look, when God sends rain, He sends it everywhere that even the witches receive it. He does this out of love and He expects nothing from us. Therefore, we His disciples should do the same through charity, for it is only a man of love who can be trusted by God.  

He notified that the moment you hear a voice in you telling you to give or share with your neighbours just do it without a second thought. Bearing in mind that if love pushed Christ Jesus to give in His own life for our sins to be forgiven, then who are you to escape the power of love?  

Prophet Abraham Richard Bisaso further clarified that love is the only secret that touches God’s heart; for salvation is encrypted in love not miracles. He also revealed that we can still be friends of God even without miracles.

Lazarus was a beggar but when he died the Bible states that he went into Abraham’s bosom. God wants to make us His friends and messengers but, He cannot if we do not care for others; for the more we grow in loving others, we grow spiritually.

Concluding this faith – positioning message, the Prophet said that Love is the foundation of all Spiritual gifts and the basic of all Heavenly principles. That is why, when you posses the spirit of love, you can prophesy, heal, interpret mysteries and above all, God will surely trust you with bigger and more important projects.

Prayer: LORD, give me your heart of love.

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