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Amos 7:14-15 [NIV]: Amos answered Amaziah, ‘I was neither a prophet nor the son of a prophet, but I was a shepherd, and I also took care of sycamore fig trees. 15 But the LORD took me from tending the flock and said to me, “Go prophecy to my people Israel.”

As per the scripture, let us never assume that Prophets are manmade, no, they are chosen by God, for God to glorify His name. They speak the Mind of God concerning different subjects as He pleases.

As you read these different prophecies revealed by Prophet Abraham Richard as instructed by the LORD, may the Spirit of God locate you in Jesus’ name.

History of Prophecies in the Month of April from 2016-20211.

  1. On 5th April, the Prophet of God revealed about the then Director of KCCA, Mrs. Jennifer Musisi, he revealed, “I saw the once called KCCA Director being completely rejected and neglected by the government. I saw her dying and very miserable. Imagine being used and then dumped, you should learn a lesson. We are praying for God’s Mercy because we are all men. May God bless His Word.”

2. Under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, Prophet Abraham revealed on 10th April 2016, “When you see the former speaker elected again, those who are spiritual, get to know that prophecy has come to pass in this Country and rejoice. But when you see her not re-elected, get to know the devil has won”

3. Prophet Abraham Richard on 5th April 2017, revealed as instructed by the Holy Spirit, “I saw People’s business being owned by Kampala City Council Authority [KCCA] and I asked, ‘Father, what is this that you are talking about?’ ‘I saw when they [KCCA] were giving only buildings.’ I saw when People were being moved from verandahs and being taken away. I felt hurt in my spirit. I could hear the LORD rebuking the KCCA committee.”

4. On the 7th April 2017, the Spirit of the LORD spoke through the lips of Prophet Abraham Richard Bisaso, “Ugandan politics: the political parties are after three things, maintaining their positions, business and it is all about drama. This is what is eating up politics yet it is supposed to meet the People’s needs by addressing their issues. It is about serving but today we have put in other things. It is like smearing a snake with Vaseline and giving it to a Child to play with. Today’s politics is betrayal. 

5. Guided by the Holy Spirit, on 5th April 2017, this is what Prophet Abraham Richard revealed, “This will be a prophecy if you listen carefully. How many of you have National Identity Cards? I want to advice every Ugandan to have that Identity Card, if you get the opportunity, get it. There is something far coming, if you have this Identity Card, you will be saved. Find it, there is something I have seen far, but it is close.”

6. Under the instruction of the Holy Spirit on 14th April 2018, the Servant of God revealed, “We need to pray for World Cup, the devil is plotting. I do not know who can take this message, he is plotting and he may pour it out in the city. We need to pray for the World Cup Tournament, he [satan] is looking for where to pour it.” Prophet Abraham Richard then led the believers into prayer concerning the World Cup Tournament.

7. On 9th April 2017, the Servant of God revealed, “We need to pray for our Nation Uganda, something is not right.”

8. Under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, on 1st April 2020, Prophet Abraham Richard revealed, “The LORD has released a caution about the cure. [COVID 19]”

9. Instructed by the Holy Spirit, the Prophet on 18th April 2021 revealed about science and technology, “Do not be taken by technology, the gospel is corrupted. Something is not right.”

Prophecy is our foundation.

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