“America and North Korea.”

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“America and North Korea.”

During a Sunday service on the 24th of January 2016 at True Vine communion Ministries for All Nations head quarters Kampala-Uganda. The Prophet of God Abraham Richard Bisaso under the Inspiration of the Holy Spirit revealed and said “I am seeing a threat of war between two great nations. I am not talking about Turkey, but these are two great nations and some of the root causes of this threat will be trade.” On 17TH of July 2016 Prophet Abraham Richard Bisaso repeated the same revelation and said “I see a threat of war between two giant nations, put your ears on the ground for it is now.”

Lamentation 3:37 states; “Who can speak and have it happen if the Lord has not decreed it” this is true. Indeed as the Prophet had revealed, so it came to pass as the year 2016 was coming to an end. Threats of war sparked out between North Korea and the USA. These threats were ignited by North Korean government which manufactured and possessed nuclear weapons; which it arrogantly exercised and tried out in the Korean peninsula. This pushed the USA to come in as an advocate to defend her humble trading counterparts like South Korea, as the Prophet had revealed that trade would be one of the causes of this threat of war. Tension began mounting on either side of the Pacific Ocean as President Donald Trump of the USA and President Kim Jong of North Korea entered a verbal war that covered every media house around the globe. In the heat of these threats, both America and North Korea fortified their militia and also persuaded their allies to support them respectively against the opponent in case of war. These epic threats and insults put many lives at stake as many feared that they may trigger the third world war.

As Hosea 12:13 revealed that “The Lord used a prophet to bring Israel out of Egypt, by a prophet he cared for him.” True it is. So it happened that during a Sunday service on the 16TH of May 2017. Prophet Abraham Richard Bisaso exclaimed that “About the revelation I gave, this threat of war between North Korea and America let us pray because if we do not pray it will affect us.” With this, he led the believers into prayer saying: “Holy Spirit help us that this fighting does not take place. We have seen what was prophesied and we do not want to see more of this. So we cancel it and burry it.”

Ten months later after  this prayer, its results manifested  on  7th march 2018 when the White House came out with breaking news of how president Donald Trump of the USA and President Kim Jong of North Korea had agreed to meet in a scheduled dialog before May that year. This was a surprise because no one expected it to happen soon given the tension between the two leaders. So it came to pass that on the 2018 the two presidents met in Singapore to settle their differences .This buried every threat of war and behold peace now reigns as many lives were saved. Therefore we that have seen all this perfected stand proud to say that, “Prophecy is our foundation.”

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