“I command every evil spirit of sickness and disease to depart from your spirit, soul and body,” those were the Divine Words of healing and authority that Christ Jesus inspired His servant, Abraham Richard Bisaso to proclaim.

As the Word of God reminds us in Isaiah 55:11[NIV]: So is my word that goes out from my mouth: it will not return to me empty, but will accomplish what I desire and achieve the purpose for which I sent it.

True and true the Word of God when sent, cannot fall on empty ground, surely, a woman of faith was ready to receive it that day.

For four years, Ms. Nankanjja Prossy was living with HIV/AIDS and she was tired of her situation. She said that whenever she took the medication she would get hallucinations. In addition to that, her unhealthy thoughts and secrets led to depression which left her emotionally crippled.

Even though Ms. Prossy was on daily medication, she did not open up to her partner for a certain time about her status, it was a secret that was killing her silently. “I was scared of what would happen to our relationship when he found out,” she recounted.When she eventually told him about it, he was supportive much to her surprise.

As time travelled, Ms. Nankanjja heard about the great and mighty miracles that the LORD was performing through His Servant, Abraham Richard. Clad in faith like the woman of the hemorrhage in Mark 5:25-29, she came to the Prayer Mountain for healing and deliverance.

While at the Prayer line, Ms. Prossy’s faith prayer was, “Son of David, have mercy upon me and start with me, I am tired of my situation.”Her faith in Christ Jesus did not fail her as He sent forth His Prophet to heal and deliver her from an incurable disease.

After prayers, within her spirit, she knew she was delivered from the disease. For the glory of God, she took a step further and went for an HIV/AIDS test and it was confirmed that she was now NEGATIVE -she was no longer having the disease.

Standing beside her to testify was her partner, Mr. Rajab Arazika. He said that surely it was God who had delivered Ms. Prossy from HIV/AIDS. He recounts, “When my partner finally opened up to me that she was positive, I was supportive and always encouraged her to take her medicine.

Because I was negative, we were taking precautions that I do not get the disease. After her prayer session, we went together for her to take an HIV/AIDS test and behold she was also negative.

We went to two different hospitals and the results were all the same -negative! All I can say about my partner’s situation is that, it was not the power of any man but the Power of Christ Jesus that touched her blood and changed it.”

Ms. Nankanjja Prossy is now living a normal healthy life as Divine Will had always planned. Glory and honour goes back to the LORD Almighty.

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