“Always consult from the Word of God.”


“Always consult from the Word of God.”

In a purple cassock incarnated in the Melchizedek order, Prophet Abraham Richard Bisaso took his place at the pulpit and remarked, “The way you are prepared is the way the Lord will talk to you. Whenever you come in the presence of the Lord you have come to see the face of God.”With this, he then led the believers to the message of the day titled, “Always consult from the word of God” with reference from the book Ecclesiastes 7: 11-22; “wisdom is a shelter as money is a shelter, but the advantage of knowledge is this: that wisdom preserves the life of its possessor.” (NIV)

With the Holy Spirit wisdom the Prophet enlightened that this scripture means that when the things are good rejoice in the Lord and when they are bad still look to God. However too many of us when hit by bad situations, we run to men for advice. Men will never give you genuine advice but only discourage you pointing at your weaknesses and errors and how you cannot achieve your goal. Do not inquire from men because they do not know your destiny, it is only God who knows your future. Instead of turning to men, turn to the only people that know you; God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

With insight, Prophet Abraham Richard Bisaso broke down the later parable and said money and wisdom can both shelter their owners, but the good thing with having wisdom is that it saves the owner. He explained that money can never redeem its keeper but rather drags him to destruction. God is the sole source of wisdom, the more you pay attention to his word is the more you are strengthened and inspired to pray. Yet the more you listen to men, the more you close your ears from His wisdom and encouragement you will attract the devil to speak to you. As believers, our strength comes from the Lord and we are strengthened everyday through His word. Meaning, if you do not see a way through in your life, look in the word of God. There you will see what the Lord says about you because your situation is encoded in the word of God thus encouraging you.

Everything starts and ends with God,” the Prophet revealed.  He is always besides you and always makes away out because He is the way and the word. Many times you have failed to see this way through or pursue it even when it is before you because you are not encouraged in the word of God. Man cannot determine his destiny; the Servant of God reminded the believers. That is why they need to consult from the word of God for in it; there is wisdom that will preserve and lead him to his true purpose and calling.

Prayer: Let there be peace in my heart in the name of Christ Jesus.

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