Allow God to defend you-Part 2:


Allow God to defend you-Part 2:

Proof Text: Luke 4:9-12

By Prophet Abraham Richard Bisaso.

As guided by the Spirit of God, we are still continuing with the previous message “Allow God to defend you” Therefore; take it as a privilege to receive this message.

Child of God, look at Daniel and the Apostles, God defended them because they let Him speak for them. Believe me; the God who started this work in you will finish it (Philippians 1:6). Your role is to surrender yourself to God in the situation you are going through. Always give God an opportunity to defend you, do not defend yourself.  

God will defend you at all costs if He is convinced that you belong to Him. The more you surrender to God, is the more He will fight for you. I mean; the more you commit yourself to God, is the more you will become His product to defend. I repeat this; do not defend yourself before the World because it will push you to make false prayers.

 For most Christians, the most challenging part is when the devil tempts you while quoting scriptures.  In such a predicament, you will be forced to put God to a test and the moment you put God to a test, you are only testing yourself.

The only way you can overcome these traps and temptations is to be with the Holy Spirit within you. Whatever you say and do will be inspired by Him because being a Christian is not by what we say but what the Holy Spirit guides us to do.  

Likewise, True Christians; those born of the Holy Spirit, are not what People want them to be, but be what God wants them to be to them. This is because you can never satisfy People’s desires and the same time God.

Let us emulate our master Christ Jesus’ strong attitude in Luke 4:9-12 – Jesus answered, ‘it is said: “Do not put the Lord your God to the test.” Therefore believer, before you answer any question addressed to you, know the spirit that is behind that question.

 You are only a Christian if you obey God’s Will; remember nothing just happens to a believer without God’s consent. When Joseph was in the pit, nobody saw that He had God; everyone thought he was cursed and that was the end of him. However, that was just the beginning of his story.

It was when he sat on the throne that they recongised that he had a living God. A man destined to change His community, country and family walks according to God’s guidance. Even Job, though he was attacked, his life was not attacked because God was involved in his situation (Job 1:12).

 Last but not least; a true Christian will never put God to a test on account of what People are saying. In the midst of challenges true Christians confess, “Let it be.”

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