After reconciliation came my dream job.

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After reconciliation came my dream job.

Mr. Mulinda testifying

In high gear and vibrant with the joy of the Holy Spirit , Mr. Mulinda Davis of Kigo- Wakiso District testified for the God of Prophet Abraham Richard Bisaso; the Great I AM who never sleeps nor slumber.

He narrated that, it was on 31st of 2019 when he received the Word of God from Prophet Abraham Richard, ‘’Loving our neighbours and reconciling with our families.’’ Infact what Mr. Mulinda could not forget in all that, that the Prophet said while conveying this message, was when he said that these people we care for or attend to, are the angels in flesh that do intercede for us before the LORD.

He said on that very evening he made a prayer to the Holy Spirit to reveal to him those who need his attention and care.  Faithful is the LORD, for like He revealed Himself to Jacob at Bethel (Genesis 28:12) so did He reveal Himself to Mr. Mulinda that night in a dream.  He recounted that in that dream, he saw his long time abandoned maternal aunt that he and his family had neglected with no clear reason.

Mr. Mulinda ascertained that this dream ignited a unique yearning in his heart to pay his aunt a visit as the LORD had commanded ‘’Caring and reconciling for our family.’’ However, something was not adding up in his finances. That is; even though he very much wanted to pay her aunt a visit, he was in shortage of money.

 Still God was not silent, because where He guides, He provides. Miraculously a while later, Mr. Mulinda’s mum called informing him that his tenants had brought him money for rent for the previous months. With this money at hand, he purchased some food stuffs and other necessities, and thereafter he hit the road to Entebbe to pay his aunt a divine visit.

Mr. mulinda testifies

Mr. Mulinda said that he was so much grieved when he reached his aunt’s house, for apart from living in an impoverished house; her condition was also terrible and unspeakable. He explained that her aunt had grown so thin and weary compared to when he had last seen her. He said that it was then that he learned that she had no clear source of income to sustain her and thus survival had become a gamble.

James 1:27 says; “Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress…” This is exactly what Mr. Mulinda did when he shared his love gifts, not to mention the reconciliation message with his aunt, with her enchanting heart- pouring blessings to him.

With amazement, he witnessed for the God of Prophet Abraham Richard who reveals to raise. He said that, no sooner had he returned from his reconciliation journey, than he received a call from the director Nature-Africa, Uganda branch, informing him that they had just offered him a job as a business consultant. He said that this got him off guard because he was given a three months renewable contract, working only for three days a week, a handsome salary plus a package of awesome allowances.

Note: What seems like a mere sentence in a sermon or a Bible verse can be someone’s step to breakthrough or solution. Just like Prophet Abraham Richard had revealed that, “these people we care for or attend to, are the angels in flesh that do intercede for us before the LORD. ‘’ This is precisely true for it was perfected in Mr. Mulinda’s life, when he cared for his aunt. She interceded for him to receive blessings from God and today he testifies for getting a miracle job. What A Mighty God we serve.


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