After Jubilee then came Season.


After Jubilee then came Season.

With a mother’s pride yet with gratitude to the God of Hannah, Ms. Nansamba Francisca from Konge –Kampala testified for the miracle working hand of Christ Jesus. The truth is, just like Hannah in 1Samuel:1.

Ms. Nansamba is no ordinary mother but a miracle mother. From memory lane, Ms. Nansamba narrated her story and said that before she joined to True Vine Communion Ministries for all Nations in 2011,

 She was a very proud girl who looked at her beauty as a gold mine. Therefore, Pride being a devil’s necklace it never comes without a cost because to Ms. Nansamba it came along with a VIP pass for various men to tame her to bed.

Soon she had become the devil’s master piece of adultery to an extent that she had a private note book where she listed all her lovers and marked ticks to those she still desired and an “x” to those she was done with. 

With remorse, she noted how blind she was to realize that the devil was indeed a crook and a schemer (John 10:10); with velvet gloves he cordially dressed her up with a spirit of temper and lack of respect for anyone.At this point she could insult and abuse any one regardless of how old or superior they were. Not to mention the community elders who are certainly more knowledgeable in many things than she was.

As Ezekiel 23:35 says; “therefore this is what the Sovereign LORD says: since you have forgotten me and thrust me behind your back, you must bear the consequences of your lewdness and prostitution.” This is so true because this time around, Ms. Nansamba had to bear the consequences of her sins.

By the time she decided to give up her evil ways and settle faithfully with one partner it was too late and too big to handle on her own. What followed was a series of three miscarriages. She explained that at that time her hope of ever holding her own baby wasted away like butter on fire; but God was smiling as He rewrote her story.

Ms. Nansamba recalled that one evening her friend invited her over to her home; to come and meet someone special and this was none other than the Servant of God Prophet Abraham Richard Bisaso of True Vine Communion Ministries for all Nations.

She said after the Prophet had prayed for her and delivered her from the consequences of sin, he asked her what she desired at heart; of which she answered  that she wanted to have children from her own womb more so a baby girl. Oddly the Prophet approved; when he said “I do not see a girl but a boy.”

She explained that sometime later she got very ill to a point that she believed her death had come. After medical examinations the doctors told her that they had discovered her a Sickle cell carrier but also she was three or four weeks pregnant.

This news from the doctors struck her friends and family with sadness and turmoil for they could hardly believe that a sickly anemic lady like Ms. Nasamba could hold a baby in her womb for nine months. Some of them even advised her to terminate the pregnancy but they were wrong because the miracle hand of God raised her up from the sick bed to good health (Mark 2:11).

Nine month later on 28th April 2015, Ms. Nansamba miraculously gave birth to her first child –Jubilee Kitenda and to prove the devil defeated and a loser, on 26th October 2018 she gave birth to her second son Season Muluta. Today Ms. Nansamba is no longer that stubborn proud or sick girl but a humble mother to two strong and health lads. What a mighty God we serve for he knew us even before we were put in our mothers’ womb. Hallelujah.

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