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“I am a true vine and my Father is the gardener.”

John 15:1


Believing In God’s Word And Spirit​.

Our motive for writing is simply this: We want you to enjoy this, too. Your joy will double our joy! [1 John 1:4.The Message Bible.]

True Vine Communion Ministries For All Nations [TVC], originates from the Word of God, the very Word of Jesus Christ from the gospel of St. John chapter 15 verse 1, that He says, “I am a true vine and my Father is the gardener.” This means that as Jesus is planted by His Father, so He, Jesus Christ, gave birth to this Ministry through Abraham Richard Bisaso. So, the saying is true! TVC Ministries is breathed from the nature of Jesus Christ through the Holy Spirit as the Word of God states that, “Nothing was created without Him…” John 1:3 [NLT].

Through the Servant of Christ, Abraham Richard, in September 2011, this great vision came into being with the banner raised high! The mission of Love – [Loving God and my neighbour], the mission of Truth -[knowing Christ Jesus], the mission of Grace -[Holy Spirit strength], and the mission of God’s Will -[Not my will and desire and passion] on earth, which is the message of Christ Jesus.

This Ministry began it’s fellowship meetings in 2011 under unfinished constructed buildings then promoted to a local primary school (In one class room); as we all know that, something or anything set by God here on earth, receives attacks!

This Ministry was persecuted as a result of conflict in faith, and then the LORD promoted it to fellowship under a mango tree, where the presence of the LORD was mightily witnessed by the believers and the on lookers! As the Spirit displayed everyday; healing of body and soul among believers, life changing revelations and prophesies, testimonies and Holy Spirit experiences of those touched and the good news being preached.


Just as this move of the Holy Spirit was winning many, also many enemies were being created.

In the year 2012, Abraham Richard with the icon – TVC Ministries moved to another location by the instructions of the Holy Spirit. In the place, he was carried to; he found a church structure and called on the name of his God saying, “How will this be!

The place where you have brought me, there are people meeting here?” Just a few days after, the leaders met with him and shared their long time vision with him saying, “ For long we have wanted to leave this place, but the Spirit of God refused us, but now we feel it time we leave.” They agreed to do God’s Will and he settled there for eight years.

It is during this time, that the purpose and calling of TVC Ministries and the Seer Abraham Richard was clearly evidenced to many! Community men and women testified for the practical Gospel of our LORD and Master Christ Jesus through the charity works, the revelation teachings, life changing prophecies, healings and deliverance, they witnessed in the Ministry.

It is on this foundation of Love, Truth and God’s Will that TVC Ministries is now a resting home for the sick, jobless, rejected, widows, widowers, orphans, helpless, challenged etal, for we are called to be a resting shoulder for any weak for Christ’s name and salvation.

The moment you step in the Arena of freedom – TVC Ministries, you leave in a new creation life of the Spirit of God (2 Corinthians 5:17).


Man of God

Love is evidenced in the Ministry as the ministers display Love in it’s true nature to every soul that comes in search for Christ Jesus; you can easily sense the presence of the Holy Spirit as you enter in faith: we do not segregate in color, faith, tribe, situation or status because we all need Christ and are all brothers and sisters. “And here, we greet, “Good morning Servant of God!” Regardless of the time of day believing that tears may be in the night, but joy has come!

TVC Ministries also touches the lives of several individuals through the works of charity where hope has been restored; some of the regions visited include Juba (South Sudan), Kabale District (South-Western Uganda), Buikwe and Kampala District (Central Uganda).

TVC Ministries has different Prayer Mountains and at each the LORD has appeared to his Servant. Currently by the LORD’s command, we are at the Prayer Mountain in Luwombo, Buikwe District, where the Prophet of God has his devotional prayers and meets believers from different parts of the country with different challenges.

Here believers and visitors have a chance to step into the faith foot prints of the Prophet and have there testimonies in the name of Jesus Christ. [For more about the prayer Mountain and testimonies and experiences: check the Prayer mountain book]

It is from this Prayer Mountain that the LORD gave Prophet Abraham Richard Heavenly Water a weapon of light through faith to fight against darkness and through this tool, many lives have been restored and transformed.

This divine water to date is anointed enough to transform our spiritual world, family, health and financial lives in the name of Jesus. From the Prayer Mountain still, the Prophet has received many revelations and prophecies which have changed individuals, communities, Nations and the Church at large.

Through Prophet Abraham Richard Bisaso, TVC Ministries believes in discipleship as our LORD Christ Jesus was with the twelve. Matthew 10:1: “Jesus called His twelve disciples to Him and gave them authority to drive out impure spirits and to heal every disease and illness.”

Our prayer days: Thursday -the spiritual pool day, where the sick and troubled come for healing and deliverance. Those with physical illness come with their medical documents for evidence that they are sick and after they are touched and healed, these documents are used during testimonies for glorifying the name of theLORD.

Friday: Online meeting! With all those that want the ministrations of the Holy spirit with different issues.

Sunday: Thanks giving day.

Prayer requests: There are different ways of sending your prayer request to TVC Ministries and pray with Seer Abraham Richard for your breakthrough.

  1. Go to our website and fill the visitors form and forward in your prayer request.
  2. Email us on: truevinecommunionministries@gmail.com
  3. Call the offices and order for the prayer request paper.
  4. Call help line numbers for prays. There is a standby team ready to pray with you.

 Current address: We are located in Luwombo, Buikwe District in Uganda [East Africa]! At the prayer Mountain,

P.O Box: 169 Kampala Uganda

Email: truevinecommunionministries@gmail.com

Office line: +256 783 459 427, +256 700 396 657

YouTube page: True Vine Communion Ministries

Facebook: True Vine Communion Ministries


Write down the revelation and make it plain on tablets...



“writing is prophetic”

- Seer Abraham Richard Bisaso


Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation.

True Vine Communion Ministries of All Nations originates from the word of God John 15:1, “I am a true vine and my Father is the gardener.”

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True Vine Communion Ministries of All Nations originates from the word of God John 15:1, “I am a true vine and my Father is the gardener.”

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True Vine Communion Ministries of All Nations originates from the word of God John 15:1, “I am a true vine and my Father is the gardener.”

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