Ms. Hadija Naluyima testified that it had been her hearts yearning to visit the Prayer Mountain and when her divine appointed time came, she was elated.  

During the mass prayer, she had the Prophet of God proclaim that let there be a testimony by June, she knew it was her time to testify. She recounts, “Prophet Abraham Richard Bisaso prophetically proclaimed, ‘By June, let there be a testimony,’ this was on 17th April 2022.

I received the Word in faith and claimed it upon my life.” This Word has indeed brought forth fruits in her life for the glory of God.

Her life got very interesting after that prayer; Ms. Hadija had been saving money to buy a personal vehicle. However, after the prayer, she remembered a dream that had been recurring in her life.

From the time she started saving money for her personal car, she would always get a dream when Prophet Abraham Richard was pointing to a piece of land instead. Whenever, she would deposit money on her account and start day dreaming of the car she would buy, she would get a dream about the piece of land.

She had conveniently managed to disregard this dream until the prophetic proclamation. By the Grace of God, an idea came to her to build apartments instead of buying a car which she welcomed. She talked to her husband about it and he was very supportive of the idea.

She got an architect, followed the due process and was all set to start building her apartments. As the Prophet of God teaches us that whenever God gives you His Word, satan is always lurking in the corner waiting to discourage you, so it was with Ms. Naluyima.

As soon as she was ready to start on her project, most of the prices of the materials that were to be used increased drastically. This increase of prices greatly discouraged her and she almost gave up on the project.

However, the Word of God in her was stronger than the external forces that were whispering to her. The prophetic proclamation revealed by Prophet Abraham Richard kept ringing in her ears.

Ms. Naluyima Hadija recounts, “A voice kept reminding me June. This prompted me to remember what the Prophet revealed and I rose up in the strength of the Holy Spirit to finish my building project.”

Ms. Hadijja said that she discussed with her husband about the high cost of prices and he advised her to get the building materials from elsewhere. This she did and the pricing was not costly, hence the building project pulled from the claws of discouragement.

When construction began, Ms. Naluyima informed her building contractor that the apartments had to be ready by the month of June.

And by the Grace of God, the team was able to construct her six block apartments in ten days. She recounts, “By the end of June, the apartments were ready, surely God was involved in this matter.” Thank You Christ Jesus.

Ms. Naluyima continued to testify: I am truly loved by God; I remember when I met the Prophet of God he revealed to me that I am blessed. I attest to that today. I remember in the year of 2018, I had the opportunity of meeting him, but I had my own personal issues that I needed guidance on.

Surprisingly, when I met him, the Spirit of God revealed something entirely different that was not even on my mind or heart.

It was a plot of land that the LORD revealed through His Prophet that we would build. The land was indeed there and when we got a substantial amount of money we started building a family home. Through the highs and lows, mistakes made and lessons learned; it was only during the pandemic that we were finally able to go back to the project of the family home.

Even though the money we had did not seem enough, but God multiplied it. We were able to complete the house and move in, all glory to God. Indeed, it is only Christ Jesus who has made me an owner of two homes. All I can say is that our lives are planned out by the LORD, so we should endeavor to follow His path not one we curve out for ourselves.

Jeremiah 29:11 [NIV[: For I know the plans I have for you, declares the LORD, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.  

Glory and honour goes back the Giver of all things.

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