As different believers from different races and Nations tuned into TVC Radio Uganda celebrating the birth of the savior, Seer Abraham Richard Bisaso under the influence of the Holy Spirit spared some time for them and taught.

“I know you are fine believers. All you have to do is just listen to me with your heart as you listen to this Word of wisdom at this moment in the name of Jesus Christ and also allow me advise you in the Word of God as we meditate upon it.

Jesus told His disciples that He is the Light of the world and whoever follows him can never walk in darkness [John 8:12]. This meant that as believers; enjoy the light while it is still with you, for time is coming when darkness will make you stumble. As you listen to me, you all have different attitudes; some are happy and others are sad.

However, let me share something with you from the book of Ecclesiastes 5:8-15 and my message is entitled; “A right living.”Verse 15 [NIV]: Everyone comes naked from their mother’s womb, and as everyone comes, so they depart. They take nothing from their toil that they can carry in their hands. The teacher says that this has grieved many people.

When man dies, he/she does not take money to Heaven rather the good works of charity; and this explains how a Christian should live. For we enter Heaven by our records not by the wealth we possessed or our level of smartness. Remember, you came naked and you will return naked.

As Christians, the LORD expects us to leave right by enjoying life with God. Let us examine verses 18 [NIV]: This is what I have observed to be good: that it is appropriate for a person to eat, drink and to find satisfaction in their toilsome labour under the sun during the few days of life God has given them –for this is their lot.

This means, not many people enjoy their days on earth even if they possess money. Stop being sorrowful and enjoy what God has given you. Find a reason to be happy because what makes up a Christian’s life is not money but their faith in God. So, stop looking at your empty pocket and getting sorrowful in your heart; for you never came with money on Earth but with the Spirit of God.

If you do not smile now, you have no faith in God for joy is a fruit of faith and the moment you have the joy, you receive the Spirit of God. Therefore, if you find ample time today and the Spirit of God tells you to be happy do it. Blessed is he that makes others smile, for God will make them smile too. Right now, I command you to be happy because today is all you have, tomorrow is a mystery. Don’t look at your situation to measure how big you are spiritually.

The teacher in the book of Ecclesiastes is encouraging us not to worry about tomorrow but enjoy our days on earth like there is no tomorrow. Let me share with you this revelation about the pattern of life. Today you will receive Joy and sorrow tomorrow and the reserve is true. That is why there is time for everything under the sun on earth. Be happy now; laugh when you still can so that faith can find a place in your life.

The Truth is that we shall always be oppressed at different occasions because we live in the flesh. That is why when you see a Prophet of God, laugh, just laugh louder than him and if you see him walk fast, just run and jump because he is communicating something. Therefore, with this message, I also want to remind you that you cannot be happy without your neighbour being happy.

As I am concluding allow me read verse 13 – 14 [NIV]: I have seen a grievous evil under the sun: wealth hoarded to the harm of its owners, or wealth lost through some misfortune, so that when they have children there is nothing left for them to inherit. Why would you store your wealth to a point of harming yourself yet when you die tomorrow, the reason for keeping it will be lost? [Luke 12:16-21].

True Christians are those that walk-in line with the Holy Spirit, for their accounts are in Heaven. Today we have forsaken people because we are rich but life is not made up of money but hope in Christ Jesus. So, enjoy your life wisely and do it as a command from God.

You can also do whatyou want to do but you will give account of each and everything you do and speak. All in all, we don’t enter in the kingdomof God with wealth.

You have a few days on your calendar just make your neighbour happy, it is the right way of living. Also reconcile and settle matters before it is too late. And let your joy of today see you though the sorrow of tomorrow. Many have died in sorrow. Lastly, remember, there is time for everything under the sun [Ecclesiastes 7:14].”

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