Mr. Kitamirike Pious, of Kasinsi- Buikwe district witnessed for Christ Jesus, his testimony is proof enough that it is only by Jesus’ stripes that we are healed. (1 Peter2:24)

 With the Holy Spirit confidence, Mr. Kitamirike recollected that it was in the year of 2017 when he started feeling severe pain in his legs. At one point, he could hardly do anything or walk even a short distance.

He said that this pain kept on escalating every day that he couldn’t bear it anymore and thus he tried the hospital. Unfortunately, even the treatment the doctors prescribed for Mr. Kitamirike failed to cure the pain in his legs. In angst, he tried different hospitals in search of a genuine remedy for his aching legs but it was all in vain.

 Mr. Kitamirike explained that a certain point, he was referred to a certain hospital in Jinja. While there, the doctors did a thorough check up of his body, only to tell him that they were not seeing any sickness in him. This medical report perturbed him so much because on the contrally, he was feeling a lot of pain in his bones to the extent that he could not even wear shoes.

In great frustration, he went back home but whenever he heard of any new or infamous medication concerning bones, he would try it, but still no healing was registered.

Having stayed in this state for a while, Mr. Kitamirike gave up on getting well. However, the same Jesus who healed the invalid man in John 5 was not willing to give up on him. It was then that God sent His Prophet Abraham Richard Bisaso to Buikwe district for the 2018 “Let’s come to God” conference.

In fact as positioned by the Holy Spirit, Mr. Kitamirike was one of the blessed ones to be a part of the prayer line that day. Certainly, that very day, he never missed the touch of the healing hand of God that works through His Prophet.

And not only did Christ heal him, but He also revealed the source of his sickness which was nothing other than evil spirits that were tormenting his health.

Since that day-7th September 2018, Mr. Kitamirike is a very free man. He now wears shoes, boots and walks with ease without any pain at all. Glory and honour goes back to the living God.

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