A Greater Calling!


A Greater Calling!

As the choir led the house of believers to the throne of God in an expressive worship; no one was left untouched as they surrendered wholly to the Mighty reign of the Almighty.

In that Heavenly atmosphere, Minister Henry Tendo Kaaya took position at the pulpit under the instruction of His father in the Lord, Prophet Abraham Richard Bisaso. He noted that, “I am nothing but a messenger sent here to encourage you. If God ever sends someone to encourage you, get to know that you are of value to His Kingdom.

Thereafter, he steered the believers into the message of the day titled A Greater Calling.’’ Referring to the book of Acts 12:1-8, 6The night before Herod was to bring him to trial, Peter sleeping between two soldiers, bound with two chains, and sentries stood guard at the entrance. 7Suddenly an angel of the Lord appeared and the light shone in the cell. He struck Peter on the side and woke him up. “Quick, get up!’’ he said, and chains fell off Peter’s wrists.  (NIV)

Referring to Apostle Peter as a living example, the minister stated that Peter was of a greater calling just like you are. As a Christian you must be very aware of this and be constantly in prayer because satan will use all tricks to fail you.

This means that even though you are of a greater calling, satan will come to put you down relentlessly, just as Peter was put in prison even when he had the Word of God encrypted on him, “YOU ARE THE ROCK.”(Matthew 16:18).

 Minister Tendo reminded the believers that as a Christian you have a divine Word written on you and that is to love and care for your neighbour. This is because anyone who practises love is regarded as a true disciple of Christ Jesus.

Remember, that everything will fade away but one thing will stand, that is LOVE. Why does love stand forever? That is because God is love and love is God. Meaning if God commissioned you to love your neighbour, then you are commissioned for a Greater calling, for Love is the greatest. Take note that satan can duplicate anything, but he can never duplicate Love because God is Love. If you have Love, you have Christ and that is the greatest of all.

He asserted that in Heaven they will not demand you of the nice cars and beautiful houses you missed to have. However, they will question how much you loved your neighbours and how many souls you won for Christ.  The Church was built on Love and that is why Christ had to come down to face the cross so that you may attain salvation.

Minister Tendo emphasised that as you have been called for a greater calling like Peter. So be rest assured that satan is working so hard to fail you. He wants you to fail to practise the one true Gospel of Love. That is why he is working tooth and nail to cage you using various challenges like offence, sickness, pain, limitation or setback.

Depicting Apostle Peter’s imprisonment by king Herod to the life of a Christian; the Minister expounded a true Christian must undergo persecution.  You must die for Christ Jesus because God is pleased when they reject you for the sake of the Gospel. That is because at the end of it all, He (God) takes the crown every time you undergo persecution for His names sake. However, if you are not willing to undergo persecution, get to know that you are not of God’s calling.

The road to Glory is slippery but for the person who has been called, you are given the Grace to see you through. God is not willing to let you rot in that prison. Peter could not die in prison because He had a Greater calling. Similarly, if it is the LORD that called you to serve Him, He will send you divine support to rescue you from that prison of setback, limitation, sickness and accusation.

Summing up this message, the minister led the believers to the book of Psalm 121:1-4, he noted that when you are commissioned by God, look at Him only because that is where your help must always come from. If you are of a greater calling, look at a greater God. Do not listen to the World, for it did not commission you to where you are; God did.

Confession: I have a Greater calling.

We believe that with this message, you have been divinely encouraged and you are now in position to pray for the Church of God. Remember, that when one of the parts is sick, we all feel the pain, therefore you who has been encouraged, take this moment to pray for your fellow brothers and sisters.


You are the Angel God has positioned to pray for His Church as it was in Acts 12:7-8. In faith and spirit, begin to pray for the release of the Servants of God in the whole World to come out of that prison of anger, unforgiveness, poverty, failure and death.

Prayer: Servant of God be delivered. Priests, Sheikh, Prophets, Apostles, Worshipers and Evangelists- COME OUT OF THAT PRISON.

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