Commencing from the delightful worship by the TVC Ministry choir, the over seer of True Vine Communion Ministries for all Nations covered with the garment of the Holy Spirit, took his position at the pulpit.

His first remarks were,  “A good morning in the name of Jesus Christ and I thank God, that you are here. Thank you for everything you have put in for I know your sacrifice will not be in vain.” He taught:

I am here by the command of Jesus Christ. Those on zoom, I see you and I salute your faith. I am absolutely sure that my presence will change everything. However, I want you to put yourself right with God for a troubled heart cannot hear from God.

Forgive anyone that has hurt you as you make this prayer with me: God Holy spirit, by faith I am at the Prayer Mountain. Purify my spirit and soul as you open my spiritual eyes to see you today. Lord let your spirit carry me to hear your voice, open my spirit to sense your presence and carry me into your presence.

As I forgive, set my heart free from every pain and spiritual blindness in Jesus’ name Amen!

It is so important to be carried by the Holy Spirit because, if He does not carry a person like me, I will not be able to see or hear from Him or even receive a vision. In the same way, even the one listening to me now, it must

be the spirit of God that has carried you to listen from Him so that you may understand His message.

What you see with your eyes is a lie, but what you see with your heart is the truth. Remember, we walk by faith not sight [2Corinthians 5:7].  Believers, I have been here praying with the intercessors in spirit and if you want to see what is in the Spirit, allow your heart to be carried by the Holy Spirit; as you ask him to carry your spirit in His hands before the father for there is life.

The time is now where I am carried by the Holy Spirit to talk about another phase concerning the corona virus pandemic. I want to inform you about something that is deep in the Word of God concerning the revelation I gave on 31st December 2020.

While I was here praying with the believers on the Zoom portal, someone asked me a question. Servant of God, what should we expect this year? In response I said; Do not expect anything new not until we understand what the Lord wants and in addition to this I said, to all Christians, if you have not passed the previous exams, you will have to repeat the same class.

Take a look at this month of June, everything is just worsening making the word of God come to pass. Fear has griped everyone again. I am not here to show off, but God is saying something. The question is, what is God saying to you?

Hosea 12:13: The LORD used a prophet to bring Israel up from Egypt, by a prophet he cared for him [NIV]. Believers, you can never be saved if you do not believe in God’s Prophets for whatever is happening in the whole world today; there is a great call for love and believing in Jesus Christ since He still uses men as His Servants.

Without a messenger from God, there can never be salvation. That is why when you truly pray and fast, as a sign of your answered prayer, the LORD must send a messenger like today. And I believe  it deep inside that your being here is divine.

When you look at the scripture in John 4 did you understand that revelation? It meant that it was not the woman who waited for Jesus, but Jesus waited for her at the well because it was a divine moment. For anyone to be at the well, you must be carried by the Holy Spirit.

This also means that my being here is also divine.  Hosea12:13 The LORD used a prophet to bring Israel up from Egypt, by a prophet he cared for him [NIV].Is there anyone that is part of me and has been affected by the pandemic? I believe no one. So the scripture is true as it is in Hosea,My word will not bounce.

Believers, join me in prayer, I am praying for your safety and when Jesus says yes it is a yes. The bible says that ten thousand may fall on every side but you

will remain standing because of this prayer. Just make sure you see my face; the Lord Jesus shall spare you from this calamity.

You will hear news about death but the Lord shall deliver you. Jesus Knew that his disciples were going to be attacked and he prayed before it happened and they were spared. I am also praying for your protection. I command very fear out of your face and community and I command it to cease.

Yes, people are dying but satan is behind it and he is making leaders to take wrong decisions. Man is not our enemy becausethe devil’s mission is to steal, kill and destroy. However, Christ Jesus is here to save and give life. For the water that comes from the well will give healing to all those that believe [John 4:10] Not from any other well but the well of the Holy Spirit.

Trust me you are safe. Believers tap into this prayer now so that you will not regret later, I can see you being free in the name of Jesus. For the Lord sent his word and it healed those that believed.

Believer, you will remain standing to testify. I will not call you in to testify but you will call in to testify when you see a neighbour that has fallen. Rejoice you are safe. You will testify. Today 12th June I have said it, last time I said it you never testified but this time you will testify. I thank God for you. Join me in this prayer for people across the world for they are helpless, dying, falling, worried, but remember them in your prayers because we are

their intercessors. Someone is fighting to breathe now and among them are Servants of God.

Wherever you are believer, begin to make intercession: Lord I see your people dying and bed ridden but I command the sick to be raised from their sick beds. As we are praying, doctors are playing their part too. We are praying for wisdom upon every ministry that is involved; may the spirit of God use you.

We are also praying that God can use anything to heal you either the doctor or this prayer. We can see you being raised from that death bed in the name of Jesus Christ we pray. Amen!

Listen to me; this issue had to end last year but it did not end. The evil one is using this situation to fail faith and take our beloved ones away. But he has made a mistake of laying his hand on the Servants of God. For the bible says touch not on the servant of God Psalm 105:15.

This is the reason why I am here for no one can stop satan unless Jesus intervenes Acts 8:1-5. When fear enters God’s people Christ is involved because this concerns Him. Enough is enough satan go away like wind from every servant.

Whatever spirit that is behind this situation, Christ is stronger than you. We are talking about the power of Christ Jesus. Children of God we are praying for your deliverance. In whatever country you are in, in the whole world, be free from this spirit of fear. Away from

every Country, Nation, Church you spirit of fear and we overcome you satan. We bless the Lord for this day.


The Spirit of God is saying vaccination! When you get the opportunity to go for vaccination just go it is not evil.

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