It was on a splendid Sunday afternoon during service, that the Spirit of God used His Prophet Abraham Richard Bisaso as a mouth piece to speak to His People. This is what he aired;

“I thank Jesus that He has made it possible for me to speak to you. As you listen attentively, this talk is a heart to heart talk and it is as powerful as God’s power. Therefore, wherever you are, organize yourself because am going to talk to you briefly.

Meditate with me in the gospel of John 13:31-35 [NIV]: 34‘A new command I give you:  love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another.’35By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.

My main focus is at verse 34 where Jesus is preparing His Children. There is need to love and care for one another if we want to be like Him. For a time is coming when we will be so hungry and thirsty for Him, need healing, want to go to Heaven etal, but the only thing that will speak for us will be love.

Therefore, use today to do what is right because tomorrow is a mystery. This piece of advice is coming from the Spirit of God, and I pray that you receive it because I am compelled to share it with you.

Do not allow anything refuse you to do what is right in regards to loving your neighbour and humility. If you do not love one another, then you are not a disciple of Christ Jesus.

For this is a command from God, love one another. A Christian is seen by heart and action. Many of us are before the healer Christ Jesus and are in need of healing; yet our hearts are filled with sorrow, troubles, questions and are ungrateful. This kind of attitude will chase Christ Jesus away because then you are far from Him.

Be a man and woman who listens more to God’s Spirit not to what everyone is saying and doing. Also seek to know His mind about everything. Isaiah 55:6 says [NIV]: Seek the LORD while he may be found; call on him while he is near.

Believers, do not compromise when it comes to doing God’s Will no matter the cost. You should make it a point to make Him smile, for when He smiles; you do not know what He can do next.

Whenever you listen to this message of love, it is to prepare you for the Kingdom of Heaven. As majority run after miracles, blessings, good homes, marriages, health etal; work upon loving your neighbours.

Many of you when it comes to giving; your hearts are so hard and closed yet you want God to give you healing, breakthrough, defend you and even kill your enemies. No one is willing to sacrifice and help those that need help.

Remember, salvation is loving your neighbor, and the only way we can wait for Jesus to receive our souls in Heaven, is by showing love. If you have no love in your heart and are not obedient within your heart to God’s Will, you can never be set free.

As we draw deep, I want you to think of your first encounter with Christ Jesus. It was His love that won your heart hence following Him. However, today you have forgotten who you were and are killing, destroying and chasing people away forgetting that you were not treated like that.

My dear, the LORD is not happy about what you are doing, better say: I am sorry LORD. Today we are not bothered about the orphans in our neighborhoods but are quick at judging them. This you are doing is defiling the LORD.

We need to be men after the heart of God as we spread this gospel around the four corners of the world. Love your neighbour and the Holy Spirit.

Last weekend I taught about being grateful to God; but we cannot talk about it without talking about our past. When we meditate upon where the LORD has got us from, we find greater reasons to say thank you Jesus.

And in saying so, when you help the poor, needy, orphans and do the work of God, you will attract God’s attention to you. So, believers with this said; I believe I have thrown a piece of advice to you.

May the peace of Christ Jesus be with you.”

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