A CAVE IN NAMIBIA -Revelation by Seer Abraham Richard Bisaso

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A CAVE IN NAMIBIA -Revelation by Seer Abraham Richard Bisaso

On 1st October 2021, under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, Prophet Abraham Richard revealed, “Two weeks ago, while I was quiet, I saw this vision:

The Spirit of God carried me and showed me Africa, I saw Africa. I began to move towards the side of the Atlantic Ocean, I saw Africa in a rock cut form and I moved towards the bottom, that is South Africa.

When I reached the Country next to South Africa which is Namibia, I stopped and looked;

I saw a wave from Atlantic Ocean, it came and hit that Country. The wave hit through the bay-beach and then created a cave in the rock. Remember in my vision, Africa as a rock, this is a Parable!

I saw People dying! And I turned to the intercessors and asked them to pray for God’s intervention in that Country – Namibia. I came out of the vision and I began to question, ‘what is the meaning of all this?’

In praying about it, I was informed by the Media Team about what has been trending in Namibia the past months [June 5th 2021-source DW News Africa].

Believers, you cannot know the message of the Spirit unless you are in the spirit. Every revelation, dream or vision of the spirit, has a message deep within, and if it is interpreted right, it is for your glory in the name of Christ Jesus.

The Spirit of Christ that gave me this message also gave me the interpretation; allow me to explain the meaning of this vision, then we shall come to what God wants us to see.

Question One: Why did the Spirit of God carry me to the coast of Africa and the side of the Atlantic Ocean?

Answer: It is the Atlantic Ocean where the Portuguese and the German envoys came through to enter the Nation of Namibia.

Question Two: Why did the LORD show me a wave coming from the Atlantic Ocean hitting the rock – Africa?

Answer: The wave is the envoy – colonialists that entered the country forcefully.

Question Three: What is the meaning of a cave -digging into the rock?

Answer: It means that mineral resources were dug, extracted and taken from the heart of the Nation.

Question Four: Which people died? According to the Vision? [In the vision, I saw a wave, People dying.]

Answer: It means that, at the forcefully entry into the Nation, as there was resistance from the locals, there are People who died.

Question: Now, ask me, ‘how does this concern the Church?’ Because it is the core. I am not a Namibian nor a German but the Message of God is coming to me showing me Africa [Amos 3:7]! What does God want the Church to see in this revelation?

Answer: What the LORD wants us to know, as the Church – which is His body, is that, we should not walk in darkness [1 John 1:5] about the matters surrounding our communities.

Two. If the Church gets to the truth [John 8:32], the Nation is safe to move in the right path and prosper! For if the Church of Christ is in the proper sense, it will make a proper intercession for the Nation. Now, having got this message as the Church, then let’s talk to the world.

What does the whole Revelation and parable mean to the world?

Amidst the contradiction, God knows the truth. That Country A (Germany), needs to repent and acknowledge that it is in the wrong! And to know that when we say sorry, there is a price we pay [Matthew 5:23-26].

This is what God wanted us to see; that our mistakes of the past will follow us. This is the entire parable, God revealed to me in a parable.

Amidst disputes, God needs to come in the center, because He is God of truth, in Him there is no darkness [1John 1:5]. He will tell you the solid truth so that we may walk in the light.

I believe this message can be a right Light to flash into our decisions. Whatever this Nation Germany is in concerning this saga of Namibia, as a Servant of God I am saying: It is true, mistakes were made, but every man should learn from this; our past cannot be settled unless we pay a price.

Yes, it is our fathers who sinned, but look it is us bearing their sins [Lamentation 5:7]. Yes we have to, I mean pay the price! And I believe all other Countries should learn from this, our past mistakes are not just covered, they come back.

And when they do, we should never fear, embrace them – manage them and the right time is now for us to remember where we are coming from to settle our past. So that we can have a brighter future otherwise our next generations will pay for our sins.

This is a message from God. Every man has got mistakes of the past, but we should be ready to embrace them, see how best we can correct them.

The best way is by sitting on table and get to know that there is a price. There is a price, if we are looking for reconciliation! [Matthew 5:23] For Christ to come and rescue us from the sins we had committed, a price was paid, we should admit and allow that, that is Germany.

My prayer is: May the LORD get involved in the hearts of the Leaders of Germany in Jesus ‘name!

Coming down to the nation Namibia, Government; we are supposed to be spokesmen for our weak People.

 It means we should seek the thoughts of those People [Those who were directly involved – the first victims], and then, we sit down and place them on table, we see what is needed for healing and for the Country’s glory.

Then we get one voice, and we meet the People we need to have a dialogue with, this is my simple take. The Word of God makes it clear that, when God is involved in a matter, it ends up for His glory.

John Chapter 11 and verses 4 reads: But when Jesus heard it, he said, “This illness does not lead to death; rather it is for God’s glory, so that the Son of God may be glorified through it.” [NRSV]

The LORD who told me about this is directly involved in this issue. I assure you, this matter is going to break into success, it will break into healing, but God is needed at the front. God works with united People.”

Prophecy is our Foundation!


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